Hoffman, Alexander

From Charles Warrington’s Phoenix Rising campaign.

Head Researcher for Nyx Manufacturing Advanced Technologies


Height – 5’8ft
Weight – 155lbs
Age – 35
Sex – M
Hair Color – Brown
Eye Color – Gray
Ethnic – Caucasian
Distinctive Mirror Glasses
Home Country – Germany
Department – Corporate Raider
Scientist 5/ Inventor 6

Strength – 10
Dexterity – 12
Constitution – 14
Intelligence – 20
Wisdom – 14
Charisma – 12

Vitality – 110
Wounds – 14
Defense 20 (10 + 1 Dex + 9 Class)
Initiative – + 5 (4 Class + 1 Dex)

Special Abilities – Light Armor Proficiency, Melee and Handgun Proficiency, Corporate (Increase action die face (1d6 to 1d8) when adding it to Appraise or Bureaucracy), Connections (3/session free favor check using 1/2 bureaucracy skill as bonus), Professor (1 Action Die to grant the benefits of a basic skill feat you possess),Learned (1 extra skill point per level to be spend on knowledge skills, Scholarly), PhD (Choose 1 skill, max skill ranks = Agent lvl + 10), Improvise +3, Research (1 Free Inspiration), Gizmos +2 (spend 1 BP to gain a temporary +2 modifier to any skill roll), Ingenious (1 Action Die add 6 BP to pool), Kit Bash (Substitute, only -2 for improvised tools), Improvisation 2/session (F/P 17), More Parts(40BP), Upgrade Gear (can Masterwork something using BP),Rebuild (when STRANGELOVE adds a modification to an item it is priced as if it was the first modification)

Bureaucracy + 9 (8 Rank + 1 Cha)
Computers + 15 (8 Rank + 5 Int + 2 Mathematical Genius, 19-20)
Concentration + 15 (10 Rank + 2 Con + 3 Scholarly, 18-20)
Craft (Machining) + 13 (8 Rank + 5 Int)
Cryptography + 16 (9 Rank + 5 Int + 2 Mathematical Genius, 19-20)
Electronics (PhD) + 26 (19 Rank + 5 Int + 2 Grease Monkey, 19-20)
Hobby (Chess) + 14 (12 Rank + 2 Wis)
Knowledge (Chemistry) + 19 (10 Rank + 5 Int + 3 Scholarly, 18-20)
Knowledge (Physics) + 19 (10 Rank + 5 Int + 3 Scholarly, 18-20)
Knowledge (Game Theory) + 19 (11 Ranks + 5 Int + 3 Scholarly, 18-20)
Knowledge (Biology) + 18 (10 Rank + 5 Int + 3 Scholarly, 18-20)
Mechanics + 15 (8 Rank + 5 Int + 2 Grease Monkey, 19-20)
Profession (Scientist) + 13 (11 Rank + 2 Wis)

Languages – English, German (Native), Russian, Chinese (Mandarin), French, Portuguese, Arabic, Farsi

Feats – Filthy Rich, Grease Monkey, Mathematical Genius, Improvised Weapon (SEG 74), Advanced Skill Mastery (Scholarly)

Base Attack Bonus – + 6

Fortitude + 5 (3 Class + 2 Con)
Reflex + 5 (4 Class + 1 Dex)
Will + 8 (5 Class + 3 Wis)

Gear – 25BP worth of “Gizmos”, Average Clothes, Mirrored Sunglasses, PDA, Cell Phone, Encrypted Headset Microphone, Laptop + 3 w/ External HDD, CAD (+2 for all computer based checks for design), Lvl 3 Firewall (-6 to all computer checks to access system), Signal Tapping Bundle


Background – Alexander Hoffman was born to East German parents right before the fall of the Berlin Wall, as such he grew up in a dynamic world as West Germany assimilated its eastern neighbors. His father was a chemist for the East Germans and he was encouraged to do the same, he proved early on that he was brilliant but prone to potential psychological complications. This was not diagnosed early on and it wasn’t till his teens that the symptoms started to manifest themselves, he began taking medication and graduated from college in three years. He started on a PhD in Electrical Engineering shortly afterward and began to work for the German Armed Forces R&D labs on Advanced Sensor and Electronic Warfare technologies.

Two years ago he quit his job and picked up a lucrative offer for the well-funded Nyx Manufacturing Technologies. He was implicated in several cases of industrial espionage for both the Germans and French, Agency reports state that he gave some technology to Twilight (Marikov’s Organization) from Dassault, German military companies, and found in classified documents from the Soviets. All of this information was a major boon to Nyx which saw a massive increase in production capacity after taking him into their employ.

Since then he has been working for Nyx (and thus Erebus) on Advanced Technologies and it is believed that he created the custom optics and armor packages Erebus T-72s have been using. This upgrade kit has proven so popular that international clients have been trying to get their tanks upgraded by Nyx to something resembling 21st century technology. His expertise also explains the superior comm and crypto gear that Erebus forces have been using which has not be found to be connected to other sources.

Description – Alexander is rarely seen in public, however when he is he wears a white Nehru jacket and trousers beneath a white lab coat. He wears distinctive mirrored sunglasses, rumor is that he is light sensitive but that has never been proven for all we know he does it because he thinks they’re cool.

Attitude – Hoffman is incredibly bright but is not so good at dealing with laypeople so any research into scientific methods would go a great way to starting him with a better disposition.

Daniel is actually a plant from a rival company, Alexander realizes this and is trying to find out who sent him. The PCs may receive a transmission from him by accident if they make themselves known, it will be filled with technical data beyond their understanding (unless they possess scientific knowledge). Unfortunately for Daniel, Alexander has been feeding him false information so it won’t be much longer till his Agenda is uncovered by Nyx’s Counter-Espionage Team they may make a move when the PCs decide to infiltrate Nyx providing a needed distraction. Hoffman also has Asperger’s syndrome so is socially awkward.

Means – Alexander has great intelligence and seeks out the optimal conclusion based on available data. He has others act on his behalf though hes just an idea man (and what an idea man at that) and has no stomach for violent action.

Methods – Alexander figures through all problems as he would as chess match even so far as calling subordinates based on chess pieces, this causes lots of trouble when you refer to people as pawns. Nevertheless everything he does is based on superior data analysis and worst case scenarios.

Motives – Alexander’s motives are unclear but money and the challenge of working with second rate equipment is a likely motivation. This is a sweet gig he’s lined up and he knows it.

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