Grace, Solomon

From Charles Warrington’s Phoenix Rising campaign.

Future ruler of the Congo River Basin, unless someone stops him


Height – 6’1ft
Weight – 178lbs
Age – 36
Sex – M
Hair Color – Brown
Eye Color – Brown
Ethnic – Caucasian
Army Ghost Tattoo
Home CountryUSA
Department – US Army Intelligence
Pointman 6/ Tactician 4/ Tyrant 5

Strength – 13
Dexterity – 13
Constitution – 15
Intelligence – 17
Wisdom – 14
Charisma – 18

Vitality – 158
Wound – 15
Defense 17 (10 + 1 Dex + 6 Class)
Initiative – + 7 (6 Class + 1 Dex)

Special AbilitiesVersatility (8), Generous (double action dice when aiding a subordinate with a skill via radio), Assistance (1/2), Lead2/session (team skill roll is your roll), Tactics 1/session (+ 1 to all subordinates when following that action), Cross-Class Ability(Evasion), Wily (1 per round may use a regroup (5 + int mod to initiative) action), Stratagem (adjust regroup mod), Tempo (Surge of Speed feat), Imminent Domain (reduce action die count to grant a gear or style feat to all followers), Reign of Fear {Followers may activate Bureaucracy, Diplomacy, Innuendo, Intimidate and Sense Motive threats 1/session (1/2 MM level)}, “Absolute Power…Corrupts Absolutely” (1/session a member of the organization may invoke the reputation of Col. Grace, all opponents within the character’s line of sight must make a Will Save (DC 20) or suffer a morale penalty to skill checks and saving throws equal to – 2 and gain a bonus to skill checks and saving throws equal to the henchman’s Cha Mod), “War by other means” (Will DC 19 to attack Col. Grace and his teammates), Ambush Tactics (+ 2 Awareness vs Surprise), Break Away (Retreat) (Add class level to defense when using withdraw action for four rounds), Vast Allure + 2, Tyrant’s Offer (1/round spend 4 action dice to force someone to do as you dictate, MM 65)

Awareness + 26 (18 Rank + 2 Wis + 5 Department)
Bluff + 25 (18 Rank + 4 Cha + 3 Persuasive, 18-20)
Bureaucracy + 22 (18 Rank + 4 Cha)
Diplomacy + 25 (18 Rank + 4 Cha + 3 Persuasive, 18-20)
Electronics + 9 (6 Rank + 3 Int)
Gather Information + 15 (12 Rank + 3 Int)
Innuendo + 13 (9 Rank + 4 Cha)
Knowledge (Military History) + 8 (5 Rank + 3 Int)
Knowledge (Game Theory) + 8 (5 Rank + 3 Int)
Languages + 9 (6 Rank + 3 Int)
Intimidate + 25 (18 Rank + 4 Cha + 3 Persuasive, 18-20)
Profession (Military) + 9 (7 Rank + 2 Wis)
Sense Motive + 20 (18 Rank + 2 Wis)
Surveillance + 13 (4 Rank + 2 Wis + 5 Department)

Feats – Combat Instincts, Drone Operations, Political Favors, Persuasive, Advanced Skill Mastery (Persuasive), Political Clout, Quick Draw, Surge of Speed (Class Ability, May take 3 additional half actions per session, cannot be an attack), Political Immunity

*Saves *
Fortitude + 7 (5 Class + 2 Con)
Reflex + 9 (8 Class + 1 Dex)
Will + 12 (11 Class + 1 Wis)

Base Attack Bonus – + 10

AK-74 + 11 AB | Dmg. 3d6 + 1 | Error 1-2 | Threat 20 | Range – 100ft | Mods RG
Machete + 11 AB | Dmg 1d8 + 1 | Error 1-2 | Threat – 20
Combat Knife + 11 AB | Dmg. 1d6 + 2 | Error – 1 | Threat 18-20

Gear – Camouflage Fatigues, Combat Boots, Gloves, and Helmet, Knee and Elbow Pads, AK-74 Assault Rifle w/ 4x Telescopic Scope, Tactical Flashlight, Assault Sling and 4 mags, Combat Knife, Machete, Encrypted Tactical Radio, Night Vision Goggles, Laptop + 1 w/ Frag Switch


Background – Col. Solomon Grace was a US Army Intelligence Officer not so long ago. As you can imagine much of his work is classified but there have been several events over the past few years that he is rumored to have been part of. All of these events have been located in Africa and have indirectly or directly impeded China’s operations there. One of these occurred in Bahir Dar, a Chinese Airliner was destroyed at the Airport killing all 218 people inside and seriously injuring 500 more inside the terminal and on the ground crew.

There were numerous other events including villages mysteriously massacred in the Sudan and Somalia, several pipelines were sabotaged heading to ports in Nigeria and other West African nations. Two years ago the US shut down AFRICOM and withdrew their troops from 75% of their foreign bases facing large budget cuts, Solomon left the military and managed to finance a mercenary group known as Erebus through unknown means, in the process he acquired Nick’s (now Nyx’s) manufacturing, a small fabrication shop in South Africa and attracted a small army to himself through personality, military contacts, and business acumen.

They originally began as a normal mercenary unit doing operations for corporations in Africa but have become something more, Erebus is the originator of the RMO (Rogue Military Organization) term something that is becoming more popular of late in lawless portions of the world (more numerous since the American Depression and Chinese Civil Strife have weakened their global influence). The Congo River Basin is one of those regions and Erebus has a stranglehold on the Region because no major government has been able to muster the political will to oppose Erebus especially considering how much good PR and Russian governmental support he has on his side. Col. Grace is championing the “liberation of an oppressed people” and has Brigitte Fortescue, star European Reporter on retainer in Erebus Public Relations.

Description – Col. Grace has the look and demeanor of a military officer, he stands tall and speaks with great charisma. He is normally clad in his Green-Gray Erebus fatigues which are immaculate at all times but identical to the standard load-out for his troopers. For a man so rarely seen he makes his presence known throughout the organization and each squad leader has aPOV camera so the Colonel can maintain oversight and communication from his mysterious home base and offer tactical assets and advice.

Attitude – Col. Grace is a no nonsense commander and supervisor, his operations are run using top of the line equipment especially with concerns to Crypto and Comm Gear. His attitude is puzzling to an outside observer but it seems like he is driven by something out of his control.

Means – Well besides the army he built that numbers nearly 20k Col. Grace is a consummate military intelligence professional, he crunches numbers and draws up predictions based on his many eyes and ears (as well as a moderately powerful supercomputer with powerful software on it).

Methods – SHADE’s operations follow a master plan with many contingencies in place for various scenarios, additionally any Erebus operations team is able to communicate with The Citadel for tactical assistance. Soon Erebus will have their own satellite surveillance in orbit.

MotivesSHADE believes he is going to bring a better standard of living to these people, now the US and China aren’t holding them down he believes that the southern hemisphere is due to become a major power in the future.

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