Fortescue, Brigitte

From Charles Warrington’s Phoenix Rising campaign.

Masterful Media Manipulator (yeah thats right alliteration bitches)


Height – 5’6
Weight – 118
Age – 26
Sex – F
Hair Color – Blonde
Eye Color – Blue
Ethnic – Caucasian
No Markings
Home Country – France
Department – Civilian Specialist
Spin Doctor 10

Strength – 10
Dexterity – 14
Constitution – 12
Intelligence – 14
Wisdom – 16
Charisma – 19

Vitality – 90
Wounds – 12
Defense 20 (10 + 2 Dex + 8 Class)
Initiative – + 8 (6 Class + 2 Dex) | Education – + 3 to checks

Special Abilities – Melee and Handgun Proficiency, Light Armor Proficiency, Doublespeak (spend an action die to shift an NPC’s disposition 1 step for the scene), Public Relations (+ 4 to Cha based skills, favor checks, and rolls when dealing with media NPCs),Behind the Scenes (DC 5 or less), Cover Up 2/session (EC 51), Smooth Talker 2/session (EC 51), Spin Control { Status Quo (EC 52, 1/session Diplomacy or Intimidate DC 13 to convince people to forget what happened), Tip Off (EC 53, Specialist Favor Check (DC 15) to send 1d6 x Cha Mod media to the location of someone)}, Smear Campaign (1 grade) 1/session (Make a Cha roll vs agent level + Cha mod or leader’s level + influence which cause everyone not fanatic or better to dislike them imposing a -4 social mod which lasts untilECHO ends the campaign)

Bluff + 19 (13 Rank + 4 Cha + 2 Persuasive, 19-20)
Bureaucracy + 17 (13 Rank + 4 Cha)
Craft (Painting) + 6 (2 Rank + 2 Int + 2 Ordinary Past, 19-20, Take 10)
Computers + 6 (4 Rank + 2 Int)
Diplomacy + 19 (13 Rank + 4 Cha + 2 Persuasive, 19-20)
Forgery + 8 (6 Rank + 2 Int)
Gather Information + 17 (13 Rank + 4 Cha)
Hobby (Computer Illustration) + 8 (2 Rank + 4 Cha + 2 Ordinary Past, 19-20, Take 10)
Innuendo + 19 (13 Rank + 3 Wis + 3 Persuasive, 18-20)
Intimidate + 11 (5 Rank + 4 Cha + 2 Persuasive, 19-20)
Profession (Journalist) + 16 (11 Rank + 3 Cha + 2 Ordinary Past, 19-20, Free Take 10)
Read Lips + 15 (9 Rank + 3 Wis + 3 Field Operative, 18-20)
Sense Motive + 19 (13 Rank + 3 Wis + 3 Field Operative, 18-20)
Sleight of Hand + 15 (13 Rank + 2 Dex)

Feats – Field Operative, Ordinary Past, Silver Tongue, Little Black Book (F/S 53), Advanced Skill Mastery (Field Operative), Persuasive, The Look (SEG 94)

Languages – English (Accent), French (Native), German, Spanish

Base Attack Bonus – +5

Fortitude + 4 (3 Class + 1 Con)
Reflex + 5 (3 Class + 2 Dex)
Will + 10 (7 Class + 3 Wis)

Gear – Financial Operations Bundle, Interrogation Bundle, Satellite Phone, 2x Cell Phones (Personal and Professional), 2 Digital Burst Stereo Audio Bugs + 1 Signal, Audio Surveillance Receiver


Background – Brigitte Fortescue was an ordinary journalist but Agency recruiters stumbled upon her one day working for a private company to discretely slander a competitor. After doing some more research agency personnel noticed that she was responsible for millions of dollars in damage from truthful and fabricated information causing short-sells and making it easier for competitors to gain market share.

After the BLACKJACK incident ECHO left Agency employ and started her own PR firm using contacts she made during her time with the Agency. It was enormously successful but was undermined by an unknown organization, suddenly her clients dropped her and she was at a new low. Amanda Terrace recommended her to her current employer, a small PMC named Erebus who was looking for a good PR person. With a solid and surprisingly well-funded organization behind her she rebuilt her web of contacts and was put in charge of a Media Campaign to increase Erebus’s market share, little did she know it would soon become the Juggernaut it is today.

Once he began the Congo River Campaign Col. Grace ordered a censor be put on all media being transmitted in the Congo and nothing particularly bad has managed to escape her office since. She manipulates her media contacts to extol all the good work Erebus is doing in that region and has a multi-faceted campaign to win the hearts and minds of the Congolese people.

Description – Brigitte is an attractive woman with a penchant for trendy fashions (she is also partially responsible for Erebus’ uniform designs), she regularly makes trips to Milan using Erebus’ corporate jet to see the latest fashions. She once aspired to be a model so she has great posture and knows how to work it. She takes a great deal of pride in her appearance and would not be caught dead without her makeup on, especially if she’s going to be on TV.

Attitude – Brigitte loves her job, she has a staff that does whatever she wants and they are familiar enough with the work that she doesn’t need to micromanage them. She is very friendly and outgoing sometimes to her own misfortune (she has had many boyfriends of varying quality) but close-lipped about her work to even her closest friends.

MeansECHO wields a vast web of influence over independent journalists and some large media groups, she prefers a subtle approach using anonymous sources to reveal recently uncovered information (which depending on what she wants to do is either actual truth, fabricated, or taken of context). If confronted violently she will summon assistance cause she is not a fighter.

MethodsECHO takes her job very seriously and approaches everything in a professional manner, she is always listening for the latest gossip and any juicy details that would make a great news story or blackmail material. She also has a camera and voice recorder on her at all times for impromtu interviews.

MotivesECHO is really in it for the money and challenge, she has no deeper motivation, this is just a well paid job.

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