Flores, Celestia Castillo

From Charles Warrington’s Phoenix Rising campaign.

Javier’s Angry (and Dangerous) Niece


Celestia Castillo Flores (ANGEL)
Height – 5’6ft
Weight – 110lbs
Age – 19
Hair Color – Black
Eye Color – Brown
Ethnic – Latina
No Markings
Home Country – Cuba
Department – Freelancer
Pointman 6/ Grifter 3

Strength 10
Dexterity 20
Constitution 11
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 12
Charisma 16

Vitality – 96
Wounds – 11
Defense 16 (10 + 5 Dex + 4 Class)
Initiative – + 10 (5 Class + 5 Dex)

Special Features – + $1300 Field Expenses, Well Connected(2/session Free Favor Checks), Light and Medium Armor Proficiency, Melee, Handgun, and Rifle Proficiency, Generous ,Versatility (8 skills), Assistance (½ time), Lead 2/session, Tactics1/session, Cross-Class Ability ( Daredevil ), Larcenous (when adding an action die any thievery based skill increase action die size by 1 step), “Do I want to know?” (Can procure up to $200 in cash or items after 1 hour effort), Toss (Quick Use) (Quick Use Feat for Search Skill, half search time), Robber (Advanced) (Advanced Skill Mastery Feat for Magician)

Balance + 17 (12 Rank + 5 Dex)
Climb + 12 (12 Rank + 0 Str)
Driver + 15 (10 Rank + 5 Dex)
Escape Artist + 20 (12 Rank + 5 Dex + 3 Magician, 18-20)
Jump + 10 (10 Rank + 0 Str)
Open Lock + 20 (12 Rank + 5 Dex + 3 Magician, 18-20)
Perform (Dance) + 13 (10 Rank + 3 Cha)
Search + 14 (12 Rank + 2 Int, Half Time)
Sleight of Hand + 20 (12 Rank + 5 Dex + 3 Magician, 18-20)

Languages – English, Spanish (Native), Creole, German, Portuguese

Feats – The Look, Magician, Nimble Fingers (SEG 86), Point Blank Shot, Perfect Stance

Base Attack Bonus – + 5

Stiletto | + 10 AB | 1d6 | 1-2 Error | 20 Threat | Concealed
H&K USP .40 cal | + 10 AB | 1d8 + 2 | 1 Error | 20 Threat | 25ft Range | Mods – DP, TD
Law Enforcement Taser | + 10 AB | 1d8 sub | 1 Error | 5ft Range | MAGex 3 and 5

Fortitude + 7 (5 Class + 2 Con)
Reflex + 11 (6 Class + 5 Dex)
Will + 9 (6 Class + 3 Wis)

Gear – Stiletto, H&K USP .40 cal (formerly Javier’s now renamed Chica Peligro) w/ Discreet Holster, 2 10 round USP magazines, Trendy Clothes, Cell Phone, Lockpicking Kit, Binoculars, Law Enforcement Taser w/ 1 reload, Average Clothes

Silver Ducati Steetfighter
Racing Motorcycle | Size – Large | Occupancy – 1 | Handling – + 7 | Speed – 750 ft | MPH 75/150 | Defense 17 | Wound – 25 | Hardness – 2 | Mods — OPT (50%)


Background – Surprise Javier (a Hispanic) has a large family his older brother Rafael (37), his older sister Cecilia (34), his younger brother Ricardo (28) and younger sister Pura (25). Celestia is the oldest daughter (and oldest) of Rafael’s children and was close to her uncle and looked up to him as a positive role model.

Her father Rafael was mostly absent due to his work (as a doctor) he spend a lot of his time abroad (mostly in Latin America but sometimes in Africa) rarely bringing his wife (Paulina) and daughter with him but sometimes bringing her brother (Fernando, 15), her grandfather Ramon died three years ago from a serious illness (her father was the primary but was unable to cure him before he succumb to sepsis).

Javier visited often with great stories about the peoples he met and the things he had done and Celestia wanted a piece of the action so Javier brought her along on a couple of independent jobs (as in not affiliated with morally twisted organizations as he did a lot of PI work) so she went to Chile and Argentina frequently. He and his group trained her to be a skilled scout and infiltrator (cause she was smaller) so she accomplished much in a short time under expert supervision.

Once she heard that Javier had been killed in China she was devastated, her father went to go and retrieve his body from Shanghai and Celestia was gone when he returned. She met up with remainder of Javier’s crew but they quickly left to aid other shadowy organizations while she remained dedicated to her initial cause.

She is currently the leader of the Banshees, an all female biker gang. The Banshees have been a menace wherever they are and numerous police forces are after them for a wide variety (and volume) of criminal charges. Currently they are in Moscow but have yet to do a job in the town yet (at least not that the cops know about).

Description – Celestia is fond of wearing expensive clothes (when shes able, she wears more practical clothing when riding) and riding her motorcycle, she has recently been traveling across the world searching for the men who killed her uncle.

Attitude – Celestia is a free spirit she takes things far to lightly, unlike her former uncle who was a consummate planner, eternally patient, and professional in his approach (this was always a sticking point in their relationship). She is cautious though because she doesn’t want to be caught and have her freedom taken away from her, but she is much less careful with her actions than Javier would have been.

Minions | The Banshees
Danielle, Ava, Mia, Lauren, Katherine, Michele

Means – Celestia is an attractive woman and that has certain advantages and disadvantages to it (which she is intimately familiar with). She is also highly trained by her uncle (though she lacks his discipline and focus) and his team in all methods of infiltration and many security systems and protocols.

Methods – Celestia is fiery and impatient preferring action to planning, she has attracted a small group of miscreants to herself and they make a competent infiltration team.

Motives – She is concerned for her husband Sebastian that he might get lost in the criminal world and not have a place for her in his world.

3 Counts of Assault (2 against schoolmates whom she thought were trying to steal her boyfriend, 1 in a Colombian Nightclub) | Many traffic violations across the world | Multiple suspicions of breaking and entering, burglary, robbery, armed robbery, and larceny across the world

6th lvl Urban Bikers (PAC 70)

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