Adapted from James Bond 007 for Spycraft
by Berin Kinsman

The James Bond 007 Roleplaying Game, designed by Gerard Christopher Klug and released by Victory Games in 1984, has always been one of my favourite games, both as a player and gamemaster. Unfortunately, Victory Games is no longer in business and the game is long out of print (although copies can still be acquired via various resources on the Internet). With the release of the Spycraft roleplaying game from Alderac Entertainment Group, however, gamers once again have a viable espionage roleplaying game available to them. Spycraft captures much of the flavour of the Bond game, and even lists it in the bibliography as a source of inspiration.

One mechanic found in Bond that is not mirrored is Fame. This article is intended to provide rules for using a Fame system within the Spycraft adaptation of the D20 rules.

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