Duellist Prestige Class

Written by Andrew M. “FishXXIII” Popowich

The duelist ignores all other paths to travel the Way of the Sword. He IS the blade, it dances, in his hands, moving left and right, bending to his will. The blade flows like water, without thought, rising and crashing as a wave falling upon the rocks.

Vitality: 1d10 plus Constitution bonus per level.

To become a duelist, an agent must meet all of the following requirements:
Agent Level: 5+
Base Attack Bonus: +5
Bluff: 8 ranks
Sense Motive: 8 ranks
Feats: Quick Draw, Weapon Focus.

Class Skills
The duelist’s class skills are Appraise, Bluff, Bureaucracy, Concentration, Cultures, Diplomacy, Escape Artist, First Aid, Hobby, Intimidate, Knowledge, Languages, Listen, Perform, Profession, Search, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Sport, and Spot.

Skill Points at Each Level: 6 + Int modifier.

Class Features
All the following are class features of the duelist.

Class Feats: The duelist gains the following feats at 1st level; Armor Proficiency (Light), Weapon Group Proficiency (Melee), Weapon Group Proficiency (Handgun), Weapon Group Proficiency (Rifle)
Flare: Gain Signature Gear feat. Must purchase weapon you have Weapon Focus for. This is the duelist’s core ability.
Deceptive: 1/Duelist level/Session. Make a Feint attempt as a Free action.
Thinking Man’s Game: Gain Intellegence bonus to Defense, if denied Dexterity bonus to Defense, lose Intellegence bonus as well.
Bonus Feat: Gain any Combat or Style feat. Meet prerequisites.
Deadly Skill: Deal extra damage when flanking opponent or attacking opponent denied Dexterity bonus to Defense when using weapon affected by Weapon Focus. Ranged attacks must be within 1 range increment, cannot use Autofire or Strafe actions. May not use normal damage weapon to deal subdual damage. Target must not be immune to critical hits, have total concealment, or have vitals out of reach. Stacks with Sneak Attack.
Deep Wound: Deadly Skill attacks have Threat range +2. Does not require action dice to convert to critical.
Style and Grace: Gain Charisma bonus to Initiative.
Never Fail: Deadly Skill attacks have Error range reduced -2 (min 0). GC must spend +1 action die to active error.
Without Even Thinking: Always considered to have succedded in Awareness check to act in surprise round.

The Duelist

1+1+0+1+1+1+121Flare, deceptive
2+2+0+2+2+1+142Thinking man’s game
3+3+1+2+2+2+263Bonus feat
4+4+1+2+2+2+284Deadly skill (1d6), deep wound
5+5+1+3+3+3+3105Bonus feat
6+6+2+3+3+4+4126Deadly skill (2d6)
7+7+2+4+4+4+4147Style and grace, bonus feat
8+8+2+4+4+5+5168Deadly skill (3d6), never fail
9+9+3+4+4+5+5189Bonus feat
10+10+3+5+5+6+62010Without even thinking

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