From Charles Warrington’s Phoenix Rising campaign.

Sultry Temptress and Valuable Intelligence Asset


Height – 5’8ft
Weight -115lbs
Age – 27
Hair Color – Brown
Eye Color – Green
Ethnic – Mediterranean
No Markings
Home Country – Greek
Department – Celebrity
Facewoman 5/ Casanova 4

Strength 8
Dexterity 16
Constitution 8
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 16
Charisma 22

Vitality – 73
Wounds – 8
Defense 19 (10 + 6 Class + 3 Dex)
Initiative – + 9 (6 Class + 3 Dex)

Special Abilities – Light Armor Proficiency, Melee, Hurled, Handgun, and Rifle Weapon Proficiency, Paparazzi Bait (+ 3 to Presence checks), Adaptable (Double AD on Cha and Wis skill checks), Linguist + 3, Cold Read 1/session, Quick Change 2/session, Backup 1/session, Scoundrel (On a successful Sense Motive CIRCEmay spend one action die to force a re-roll), Animal Magnetism (Half Time for a Seduction check, error increases by 3), Steal ID (Superior Documentation), Forked Tongue (+ 4 for Silver Tongue bonus, increase threat by 1), “Can I borrow this” (Money, F/S 10), Pyramid Scheme (After a target has been successfully seduced their teammates gain a bonus to seduction = CIRCE’s Cha Mod)

Bluff + 18 (12 Rank + 6 Cha)
Diplomacy + 15 (6 Rank + 6 Cha + 3 Department)
Disguise + 12 (6 Rank + 6 Cha)
Gather Information + 14 (8 Rank + 6 Cha)
Innuendo + 15 (12 Rank + 3 Wis)
Sense Motive + 15 (12 Rank + 3 Wis)
Perform (Singing) + 17 (8 Rank + 6 Cha+ 3 Department)
Perform (Dance) + 17 (8 Rank + 6 Cha + 3 Department)

Languages – English, Greek (Native), French

Feats – Jet Setter, The Look, Silver Tongue, Gorgeous (+ 1 to Cha vs opposite sex, + 1 threat), “Not the Face” (DR 6 vs unarmed and Cha damage)

Base Attack Bonus – + 5

Budget Points – 36

Gear – 3 Designer Outfits, 2 Trendy Outfits, Exclusive Party Bundle, Sunglasses

End Effect – Seduction + 4 on seduction, threat 17-20


Background – Camilla was always the most desirable girl, she eventually got used to having suitors give her things that she desired. Never wanting that to end she capitalized on that opportunity and has continued to do that to this day. However, now she has more experience than she ever had before and can manipulate hapless fools to do whatever she desires, she made some underworld contacts and began stealing IDs and money full time while living in extravagant villas all around the Mediterranean. She has a very long history of Identity Theft and has exposed some classified data so she was brought to the Agency’s attention. However, the agency was unable to bring her in, she may work for an underground network with a lot of influence, is being protected by an unknown party, or is just canny enough to slip our nets.

Description – Camilla is very attractive and is fond of wearing expensive garments, jewelry, and staying in warm places. She doesn’t typically wear enough cloth to conceal a weapon or anything else for that matter.

Attitude – Camilla is definitely a flirty minx and has enough experience to get people to do what she desires. (Psych Profile) She is a user though and if she didn’t have a sugar daddy all the time it would be difficult for her to sustain her lifestyle. She doesn’t appear to have much cash on hand at anytime so if we were to find her financier it would be simple to track her down.

Connections – Camilla has numerous connections but numerous reports indicate that at least one is constant, a Candice Smith, known hitwoman, apparently they work together for more specialized operations (aka “Wetwork”). This makes her even more dangerous, it was enough she could goad high level information out of well placed persons but now working with Candice they have the ability to get that intel, act on it, and eliminate witnesses.

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