Bronze, Michael

From Charles Warrington’s Phoenix Rising campaign.

Experienced Engineer and Former Seabee


Height – 6’1ft
Weight – 198lbs
Age – 52
Sex – M
Hair Color – Brown
Eye Color – Hazel
Ethnic – Caucasian
Minor scars, Navy Tattoo
Home CountryUSA
Department – US Navy Combat Engineering
Combat Engineer 10

Strength – 14
Dexterity – 12
Constitution – 16
Intelligence – 16
Wisdom – 16
Charisma – 15

Vitality – 81
Wounds – 16
Defense 15 (10 + 4 Class + 1 Dex)
Initiative – + 9 (8 Class + 1 Dex)

Special Abilities – Handgun, Hurled, Rifle, Tactical Weapon Proficiency, All Armor Proficiency, Sapper Tools (1 Combat Engineer Bundle, Demolitions, or EOD bundle at Gearing Up), Worse Tool, Best Job (Can use improvised tools at no penalty), Deadly Ground{reduce 10 from roll to give 2 benefits from the 1 hour ambush list (F/P 61)}, Mastermind Abilities (See Col. Grace)

Craft (Combat Engineering) + 22 (13 Class + 3 Int + 3 Department + 3 Ordinary Past, 18-20)
Knowledge (Engineering) + 16 (13 Class + 3 Int)
Mechanics + 18 (12 Rank + 3 Int + 3 Grease Monkey, 18-20)
Electronics + 18 (12 Rank + 3 Int + 3 Grease Monkey, 18-20)
Demolitions + 19 (13 Rank + 3 Int + 3 Department)
Hobby (Darts) + 9 (5 Rank + 1 Dex + 3 Ordinary Past, 18-20)
Profession (Military) + 19 (13 Rank + 3 Wis + 3 Ordinary Past, 18-20)
Profession (Engineer) + 19 (13 Rank + 3 Wis + 3 Ordinary Past, 18-20)

Languages – English (Native), French, Russian, Arabic

Feats – Grease Monkey, Ordinary Past, Explosives Basics (F/P 47), Electronic Warfare Basics, Electronic Warfare Mastery (F/P 46-47), Advanced Skill Mastery (Ordinary Past), Advanced Skill Mastery (Grease Monkey)

Fortitude + 6 (3 Class + 3 Con)
Reflex + 8 (7 Class + 1 Dex)
Will + 8 (5 Class + 3 Wis)

Base Attack Bonus – + 7

Kurza-23 Pump Action Shotgun + 8 AB | 6d4+1 or 5d6 | 1-2 Error, 18-20 Threat | Mod – AD (ignore 10 points of DR, 1/2 dmg on unarmored targets), AK (-2 initiative), SG (+2 vs disarm)

Cattle Prod + 9 AB | 1d8 Sub | 1 Error

Gear – 1 Bundle, Kurza-23 w/ bandoleer, 20 shot shells, 20 slug shells, Encrypted Tactical Radio, High Powered Flashlight, Protective Goggles, Binoculars, Coil of Rope (100ft), Leatherman, Cattle Prod


Background – Michael Bronze enlisted in the Armed Forces shortly after graduating High School, his ASVABs matched him to engineering and he choose the Navy over the Army. He went in 1980 at the age of 17 and completed Seabee training in 1982. He participated in some US engineering actions then Desert Storm occurred and the American War Machine was on the Warpath again. Through the 90s he spend most of his time in AFRICOMbuilding infrastructure that was later destroyed through the numerous small conflicts that continent has experienced. During this time he gained useful experience in preparing everything from campsites to fortified bunkers and networked with many petrochemical and mining companies in Africa.

In 2000 he left the Navy and has been working as a civilian contract engineer throughout the World, he married a woman named Denise and has two children (Lola and Richard) in the states. He started his own construction company and aimed to recruit other combat engineers and capable skilled labor. A year and a half ago he was contacted by Erebus to lead a new Division in their company (Erebus Martial/Marine Engineering) with a lucrative pay rate and full acceptance for his current company. Since then he has been working with Col. Grace managing the engineering demands his group requires, he was glad that at least this time the infrastructure would be more permanent (cause its guarded by Erebus Personnel).

Means – Commander Bronze is a very useful man to Erebus he coordinates all the engineering resources of Erebus’ Martial Engineering Division as well as running most of the logistics (which as any military commander knows is the most important part of an operation). He has many years of experience with this sort of operation and is a good shot with a shotgun so messing with him would get messy quick but he doesn’t seek out fights.

Methods – Commander Bronze is a highly experienced engineer and military man so he follows the book, this makes him predictable but some commanders prize consistent results rather than maverick commanders.

Motives – Bronze is doing this all for the lucrative pay check so he can give his family the best standard of living, they live in a nice apartment in Kinsasha where they are safe under the guard of thousands of Erebus troopers.
The EME currently works out of “The Boneyard” and Bronze keeps his family in a nicer house in Kinsasha (now New Congo) where Erebus personnel are omnipresent and the quality of life is on the rise. They have access to Erebus corporate planes whenever they want to get back to the first world but Michael feels its important that his family see what improvements Erebus is making to this place (and his son works alongside him in the “Boneyard”).

Description – Michael Bronze is a fairly normal looking middle-aged man, he typically is seen wearing his combat uniform but dons a blue jumpsuit on occasion when not in the field (such as at “The Boneyard”). He does carry a very large shotgun with him to keep away the occasional bandit or hostile fauna but is normally found in the presence of Erebus regular troops or his own Engineers.

Attitude – Michael Bronze is a very pragmatic man, he enjoys working with Erebus equipment because its in much better shape than his prior gig (working for Shell in Nigeria) and he has trusted engineers at his back. He is optimistic that Col. Grace is on the right track because he knows what the Congo was like before and is willing to put up with all the hard work it will take to fix it. He is a harsh boss who runs a tight schedule which more or less works out due to Nyx’s expanding industrial base (and personnel) and “The Boneyard’s” own machine shops.

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