Baleron, Jason

From Charles Warrington’s Phoenix Rising campaign.

The White Knight of West Hollywood


Height – 6’1ft
Weight – 208lbs
Age – 26
Sex – M
Hair Color – Dirty Blonde
Eye Color – Blue
Ethnic – Caucasian
Department – Peace Officer
Soldier 5/ Counter-Terrorist 5

Strength 16
Dexterity 18
Constitution 16
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 14
Charisma 14

Vitality – 140
Wounds – 16
Defense 18 (10 + 4 Class + 4 Dex) or 13 (10 + 3 Dex) DR 3
Initiative – + 12 (8 Class + 4 Dex)

Special Abilities – All Armor Proficiency, Weapon Proficiency,Accurate , DR 1/-, Weapon Specialization (M4), Quick-thinking (Add two action dice to an Initiative score), Special Tactics (Locate, Subdue), Precision Takedown (-25% cover), Crown Control (1 level), Safe Attack

Awareness + 18 (13 Rank + 2 Wis + 3 Department)
Sense Motive + 15 (4 (8cc) + 9 Rank + 2 Wis)
Climb + 11 (8 Rank + 3 Str)
Demolitions + 9 (7 Rank + 2 Int)
Diplomacy + 10 (8 Rank + 2 Cha)
Driver + 12 (8 Rank + 4 Dex)
First Aid + 7 (5 Rank + 2 Wis)
Jump + 11 (8 Rank + 3 Str)

Languages – English, Spanish, German

Feats – Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Coolness Under Fire, “Keep Your Head Down”, Perfect Stance, Improved Initiative, Martial Arts, Rolling Basics (PAC 56), Throwing Basics (SEG 82), Phoenix Stance (PAC 55), Run

Base Attack Bonus – + 10

Colt M4 + 14 AB | Damage – 4d4 + 2 | Threat – 19-20 | Mods – all

Fortitude + 10 (7 Class + 3 Con)
Reflex + 10 (6 Class + 4 Dex)
Will + 8 (2 Class + 3 Wis + 3 Department)

Gear – Light Tan Fatigues, Colt M4 SOPMOD Kit (Removable Surpressor, 4x Day/Night, ACOG Sight, Assault Sling, IR LASER sight, Vis LASER sight, TacLight, Vertical Fore-Grip), 3 30 round magazines, TacVest, 3 sets of handcuffs, 5 plastic restraints, Encrypted Headset Radio, Smart Phone


Background – Jason Baleron was an Army Airborne Ranger but he left service after two tours in Iraq (which were rather uneventful according to all accounts we were able to acquire) to join the LAPDas a SWAT officer. There he showed lots of prowess at SWATs work with a large variety of heroic hostage rescues and numerous bad guys (mostly drug and gang related) taken off the streets for a while or permanently. His best work was done in West Hollywood when terrorists took over the Movietown Shopping Center as a high profile public event was taking place, the terrorists had great intel and access and were dug in deep. The LAPD called in SWATimmediately after surrounding the area and evacuating as many as they could from the area.

SWAT began their mission at 14:00 under immense media pressure (every studio and star reporter was there as well as the celebrity guests) to perform it was their greatest hour. Jason and his team performed marvelously with him as the star, he took out a dozen terrorists before they could execute the hostages and went back to pave the way for the bomb squad to disable the explosives. They unfortunately couldn’t stop the explosives which ripped through the structure (and gave the world that immortal picture of his). The property was destroyed but no one besides the terrorists died in that incident, he became a media darling after that event and eventually left Hollywood for Private Security cause the cops weren’t willing to risk him anymore. He thus formed Silver Lance, a private security team specializing in counter-terror and advanced police training.

DescriptionSTALLION is an attractive man and the whole nickname “White Knight of West Hollywood” has not hurt his charisma. He typically wears light tan fatigues (and his team whereas the same clothing) but wears a black “Colt” baseball cap.

AttitudeSTALLION acts with professionalism he’s self-directed, able to think quick and make important decisions on the fly, and seizes the initiative whenever possible

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