Agency Structure and Training

Written by Cowboy (CJ Tipton)

Agent Ranks

The Agency assigns ranks based on seniority, mission completion, and a variety of other criteria. While the Agency rank structure is significantly different from military rank structure, Agency personnel are treated as having an honorary rank by related military organizations. The agent is considered to have a superior date of rank to any military personnel encountered. An agent’s rank gives him a number of benefits, the most prominent of which is an increasingly larger paycheck and a better clearance level.

The Clearance levels correspond to feats in the “New Feats” section below. These are gained automatically with the assignment to the new Agent Rank.

Acquisition of New Skills And Feats

There may be times when a character wants to learn a skill or feat, but has not yet made a level. In this instance, the character may pay experience points for them, and spend some time training (or, in the case of certain feats, perform some other task). The amount of time and XP required are listed below. In order to acquire a new skill or feat, the character must have some way to study the new feat. This could be a teacher, a textbook, a piece of software, or a public television how-to show.

Remember that the experience points spent are gone permanently. Characters must meet all prerequisites of the feat they are buying, and non-class skills still cost double.

The Game Control reserves the right to hand out skills and feats as appropriate, withholding the necessary experience points from mission awards.

New Feats

The feats listed below were inspired by Security Clearance Feats by B.D. Flory. These are considered to be Style feats.

Alpha Clearance

Prerequisite: Agent Level 1+
Benefit: The agent receives a +2 bonus to favor checks.

Bravo Clearance

Prerequisite: Agent Level 6+, Alpha Clearance
Benefit: The agent may attempt a favor check every 12 hours, and the GC must spend an extra action die to activate a critical failure on the agent’s favor checks.

Charlie Clearance

Prerequisite: Agent Level 11+, Bravo Clearance
Benefit: The agent may raise the priority of a mission by one level during the Gear up phase (Changing Code: Yellow to Code: Red, etc).

Delta Clearance

Prerequisite: Agent Level 16+, Charlie Clearance
Benefit: On a successful favor check the requested items arrive in one hour.

ItemExperience Point CostTraining Time
Skills (per point)50010 hours
Feats2500 x (# of Prerequisites +1)50 hours x (# of Prerequisites +1)
Agent RankMilitary Rank (Navy/Army)Pay GradeAgent LevelClearance
AgentEnsign/LieutenantMission BP x $1501-5Alpha
Senior AgentLieutenant/CaptainMission BP x $2006-10Bravo
Ops OfficerCommander/MajorMission BP x $30011-15Charlie
Ops ChiefCaptain/ColonelMission BP x $50016-20Delta

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