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Weapons Statistics 0

Weapons Statistics

SECURITY CLEARANCE LEVEL: For Administrators and Agents BEGIN MESSAGE TO: Administrators desiring clarification of inconsistencies between the statistics found on the Weapons Chart and statistics as generated using the optional Gun Design rules. BY...

Planning for the Unexpected 1

Planning for the Unexpected

by Dru Pagliassotti Every gamemaster has faced it—that moment where the players suddenly come up with plan that s/he had never dreamed they’d consider … and for which s/he has absolutely no preparation. One...

Bundle of Holding: Nest of Spies 0

Bundle of Holding: Nest of Spies

Following on from July’s Millennium’s End Bundle of Holding, there is now another espionage-themed bundle. Grab it while you can! Agent! Our stealthy team of Covert Operatives has uncovered the Nest of Spies...