Under Lock and Key

By DdB

Security measures and systems in Millennium’s End

In this world there are those that have, and those that have not. And those that have spend a lot of time and money making sure they keep what they have from those that have not.

There are a million and one ways to protect what is yours from those who should not have access to it. Some require vast financial resources to install and maintain; others do not. This article builds upon the basic information given in the BlackEagle Tactics and Investigations Handbook (pages 40 to 44), taking a look at the common types of system and measures that operatives might either encounter or consider installing and the strengths and weaknesses of those systems.

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  1. I have always loved Dom’s work, and if anyone -hint, hint- were to put together a Play-by-Forum game, and would invite me, I would absolutely love to play, and would be willing to help find players, if necessary.

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