Terror on the Constantinople

Written by Charles Ryan, ©1998, and originally published initially by Chameleon Eclectic
Page Count: 16
Mission Length: One session, though potential for assignment extension exists
Cell Experience Level: Operative and higher, though a Rookie in the mix may not be a bad thing

A Baltic Sea ferry has been hijacked between Saint Petersburg (Russia) and Copenhagen, and a BlackEagle cell has been called in to retrieve sensitive information before the hijackers can get to it. If the operatives succeed, they’ll have to worry about the repercussions of their actions – thwarting a group of terrorists isn’t exactly the best way to keep hostages alive…

This is one of the missions from Chameleon Eclectic’s Worldwide Web Game Archives and, as expected, the mission is complete, proceeds logically, and though it is designed as a one-shot mission, very careful players, especially those who like to plan, could make this mission last through several sessions.

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