Holiday in Cambodia

Adventure Design by Arthur Crawford and Hal Mangold, Written by Hal Mangold, ©1997, and originally published by Chameleon Eclectic
Page Count: 10
Mission Length: A single session, around four hours
Cell Experience Level: Rookie – Veteran II

For three decades, Cambodia has been ravaged by civil war and internal strife. Now the beleaguered country is struggling to rebuild – and BlackEagle is part of the effort. But when one cell’s quiet security stint is interrupted by violence, can the operatives get themselves – and their wards – out of harm’s way?

This is another of the missions from Chameleon Eclectic’s Worldwide Web Game Archives, written more as a one-shot for conventions and other time-limited events, though it could be extended to become a broader mission, as well. Player groups looking for a tough tactical scenario might enjoy this one. Mr. Crawford and Mr. Mangold have done an excellent job providing recent history concerning BlackEagle’s efforts in Cambodia, especially regarding the legendary Khmer Rouge, and a general layout of the Kaoh Nek river valley, including Player and GM maps. Though all but the most important NPCs are pulled from the GM’s Companion or the ME v2.0 Rulebook, statistics for special thugs or individuals are not required.

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