Ghost in the Machine

Written by Unknown for ME v2.0
Page Count: 5
Mission Length: Potentially more than one session
Cell Experience Level: Operative – Veteran 2

The PCs, working in Miami, receive a mysterious email video from beyond the grave asking them to find a hacker’s killer. Walking in the steps of a dead man isn’t the best way to stay safe, but it’s the only way to catch the murderers and claim the prize.

This adventure is more like a beta version than a completed edition, as there are no character statistics, and the plot rings somewhat hollow. However, this ground work would make an excellent beginning for the inventive completion minded GameMaster.

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  1. Is there any way we might be able to get a write-up, a short introduction, for any of these.

    • Sounds reasonable, I’ll see what I can do :)

      • Thank you. Let’s see, I have… Extreme Prejustice, The Sons of Erin, Watchers in the Woods, Sequotia Ridge, Our Man in West Africa, Terror on the Constantinople, In Too Deep, Tiger Shark, Blood on the Snow, Holiday in Cambodia, Red Zone Run, Circle of Twelve, Country Dacza, Identification Friend or Foe, Ultra-Hostile Extraction, and the predecessor information to Bushfire. Do you need any of those? I can look in each one and see who made and/or hosted them, if you would prefer?

        • I recognise some of those titles as official Millennium’s End freebies but I’ve not had copies for years so, yes please :) For those that aren’t official I would need permission to host them if the original author can be found.

          Thanks, your assistance is much appreciated – the Millennium’s End portion of the website is a little bare unfortunately.

          • You should have my email address, I think… send me an email and I’ll start attaching those for you… unless you have a way I haven’t seen, just yet, to do so myself?

  2. Sorry, you already have Blood on the Snow… just noticed.

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