Extreme Prejustice

Written by Roger Stenning for ME v2.0, ©1999 – 2000, and published initially by the Impossible Scenarios Group
Page Count: 21
Mission Length: Two plus sessions
Cell Experience Level: Rookie – Operative

A couple of weeks ago, all over the live TV news, a U.S. Border Patrol officer and his partner were blown to bits by a booby-trapped drug cartel’s blockade runner’s car…

Now one of the men’s widows wants revenge…

Originally written for GenCon UK 2000, it’s designed to be played over two, three to four-hour sessions, so information is somewhat quick to come by, and generally leads from clue/action point to clue/action point in a linear fashion. Maps are real-world and developed for the adventure, along with a short time-line, but with no characters developed outside references to the Rulebook or GMs Companion.

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