Country Dacza

Written by Dom de Bechi, ©2002, and originally published by Mission Priorities
Page Count: 16
Mission Length: Minimum of two sessions, with moderate room for lengthening
Cell Experience Level: Operative-plus

What appears initially to be the theft of data from a remote location in Poland, leads to the operatives becoming embroiled in a little more than they bargained for…

As with all of Dom’s missions, Dacza is extremely well-written and, from the beginning, breathes the atmosphere of what Charles Ryan’s Millennium’s End should always have been about. Moving through setup in Poland, an investigation phase, and logically into and through the Dacza, itself, while leaving much of the execution of the action up to the player group, this mission lends itself to the world of the game seamlessly. This mission includes the requirements for being able to get to and steal the data, including all rolls for the architecture of the data store within, and the opposition and complications stemming from the mission objectives. Timelines, relevant –if short– statistics for moderately important NPCs, and good descriptions of non-important, though relevant, NPCs, and a map of the Old Town of Krakow exist to aid everyone at the table in deep involvement in the game.

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