Blood on the Snow

Written by Charles Ryan, ©1997, and originally published by Chameleon Eclectic
Page Count: 9
Mission Length: One shot, likely not extending beyond a four-hour session
Cell Experience Level: Any of Veteran 1 and below

What the hell does the Ukraine want with an Antarctic research station? They didn’t say – and they didn’t say dying was part of the contract…

This is one of the missions from Chameleon Eclectic’s Worldwide Web Game Archives and, even as an early mission, it is complete and relevant to our present, though it was written nearly two decades ago. Hijinks ensue quickly in this one-shot mission, which may turn out to be a high-intensity defensive run from betrayal. Important NPCs are pulled from the ME v2.0 rulebook, but the adventure includes maps of the Adelie 14 station.

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