From Russia With Love

The From Russia With Love Adventure Module is designed to be played by up to four players and a Gamesmaster. It presents a challenge to one “00” rank, two Agent rank characters, or a party of four Rookie rank characters. Guidelines for modifying the adventure to suit parties consisting of characters of different ranks are offered in this booklet.

This adventure involves the characters in a particularly complex and challenging mission and is best suited to experienced players and gamesmasters.

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2 Responses

  1. Jerry Nuckolls says:

    I’ve seen this billed as a “Playtest Module”, but it appears to be a well-made fan project. Victory games was long dead in 2003, and I’d be surprised if Hasbro had managed to reacquire the Bond license for something like this. Do you have any details on this, by chance? Where it originated? Who wrote it? Since you’re hosting it, I assume that you also believe it not to be genuine (copyrighted) product.

    • Dave McAlister says:

      I can’t recall where it originated but at that time I did know people at Wizards of the Coast and they were quite certain that it was just a well made fan project and not genuine. Of course, they may have been unaware of a project that their parent company was working on but I don’t think a company the size of Hasbro would work something up for a licence they no longer held.

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