Terrible Terrorist, The

Written by Kove

The characters are given the task of finding and “apprehending” (i.e. kill) a known terrorist. An Egyptian arms dealer has offered to reveal where the terrorist has his secret training camp. In return he wants money and a full pardon for the smuggling charges brought up against him in the EEC. If his information proves to be correct he has been promised this by the British foreign ministry.

The agents are sent to Cairo, Egypt to meet the informer at his home. He is a bit paranoid and does not want to “expose” himself to assassins. The agents are introduced to the arms-dealers beautiful daughters and given refreshments. The arms-dealer is of course murdered before he can reveal the location of the terrorists secret training grounds. A grenade thrower is used to reach past the security guards. However one or more of the beautiful daughters survive and vow to avenge the murder. She/They can help the agents in their search after the terrorist.

The agents can find a list of contacts and customers that the informer kept. And as they are checking those out in hope of finding clue to the terrorist they find that a rich oil sheik is paying large amounts of money for weapons that are transported to some unknown place in Sudan. The country on the southern border of Egypt. The weapons are going to the terrorists training camp. All that the characters have to do is to follow the tracks leading there. The characters find that the camp is being dismantled when they reach it. The terrorist is no longer in favour with the Sudan government. Instead he has left for the oil sheiks private estate. Together they are planning to start a series of acts of terrorism across north Africa directed at several fundamentalist groups and leaders. The aim is to whip up a new and unprecedented Jihad against the infidels. That is, virtually everybody that is not a fundamentalist Muslim.

It may become more interesting if every daughter of the arms- dealer has some kind of speciality. One may be an expert martial artist, another may be a computer specialist, one may be a fantastic pilot and one may seem to have no special talent at all. Until you notice that she has plenty of very pleased boyfriends…

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