Loose Cannon In Hong Kong, The

Written by Kove

The characters are sent out to “retrieve” a CIA agent that has changed sides and started working for one of the drug running Triads in Hong Kong. The former CIA agent is responsible for the death of three MI6 operatives and “M” wants him taken ALIVE and smuggled back home to England to stand trial and be used as a bargaining chip towards the CIA. The CIA are not very flattered by their agents defection and have deployed a death squad to deal with him. The adventure is basically a race between the characters who are trying to take the renegade agent alive and the American death squad. Inevitably both groups will attract the attention of the Hong Kong Triad that the defector is working for.

A good twist would be to let the triad be working on some horrible plan that the characters stumble on by accident as they are hunting their target. The characters and the American death squad may eventually have to cooperate to stop the triad from achieving their goal. And at the same time wait for the right time to double- cross the other party to either kill or abduct the renegade CIA agent.

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