Last Billionaire on Earth, The

Written by Kove

This adventure plot revolves around a computer genius who have an extreme phobia for people. He is disgusted by being in the same room as another person and is terrified by the thought of anyone touching him. He would like to make the entire human race extinct and retire to some island in the south seas where he can live all alone and free. He has gathered a number of ruthless people around him who think that he will make them the masters of earth if they help him. Of course he intends to turn his weapon against his subordinates as well, when the time is right.

He has set up a factory in some remote and civil war riddled corner of Africa that is producing millions of small killer robots. Some are flying, some are small submarines and some are tracked vehicles. They are all equipped with a considerable miniature arsenal. Some are set to explode like torpedoes or mines, others are carrying machine-guns or small missiles. They are all programmed with a set of directives. When activated by a remote signal they will all rise to search and destroy any human that is not carrying a certain shield transmitter. The millionaire plans to distribute millions of his machines in secret to secret storages around the globe and then set them of on a killing rampage never before seen. He will also send a remote signal that makes all the shield transmitters except his own useless. If all goes as planned he will be the last person on earth within a month.

The agents are set on the trail of the evil plan by a mysterious murder in Moscow. Some ambitious agents have kidnapped one of the masterminds local associates. A person who is responsible for importing the robots into eastern Europe. The Russian thug is taken free by the killer robots and the entire Moscow safe house is destroyed in the process. All agents in the house are brutally massacred. The player characters are sent in to investigate. They know who was being held at the house but not why (that report was apprehended by the bad guys). The Russians firm has been cleaned out and he himself has gone into hiding. With a little asking around they can find out that all of the imports made by the Russian came from a firm in Africa. A firm owned by the mastermind. They may not find out where all the imported goods are being stored, not yet.

Naturally, nosy agents of the Mi6 are not very popular, neither with the Russian police nor the bad guys. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the British secret service will start an investigation. The bad guys only goal is to delay the investigations until it is to late to stop the master plan. The easiest way to accomplish this is to kill the investigating characters.

The characters may first travel to Africa to investigate the factory. They will find that the factory lies remote in the rainforest. When they reach the factory it has recently been destroyed by order of the mastermind. Not much remains but burned down ruins and dead bodies. Next, they will turn their attention to the reclusive evil billionaire who owns the factory. He lives atop a mountain near a ski resort in the rocky mountains. The only way in is by a skylight. The characters must break in and stop his plans before he travels to his privately owned island and sends his murderous robots out to destroy mankind.

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