Killing Sun, The

Written by Kove

This mission is about a millionaire who can control the thickness of the ozone layer. With this “weapon” he can make wide areas of the earth very unhealthy to live in. He intends to sell his services to the highest bidder. Imagine, for instance, how much the drug lords of South America are willing to pay to make the golden triangle in Asia impossible to grow crop in. Many extreme-right groups would be willing to put up with a considerable amount to make China uninhabitable. Not to mention the money Neo-Nazis would part with to destroy Israel and the middle east.

By spreading certain chemicals high up in the atmosphere and then firing a special kind of laser at them from a satellite he owns he can create a hole in the ozone layer in a matter of a few days. By spreading another chemical and firing the laser again, he can seal up the ozone layer again if he wishes and is paid enough money. The millionaire is not flattered when a British scientist team announces that they are close to developing a method to heal the ozone layer holes over the North- and South pole. The millionaire pays a hacker to break into the scientists computers and erase their findings and also sends some hit men to take care of some of the key scientists (those with the most insight into the project and without whom it will be difficult to start over).

The characters stumble into harms way by receiving the task of finding and apprehending the hacker who stole the ozone layer findings (the elimination of scientists have yet to begin). The hacker have been back- traced through a number of phoney addresses to the University of Prague. It has been impossible to determine who at the University is the hacker so the characters must go undercover as lecturers on loan from Oxford. Mi6 believes that the hacker might be attempting to sell his stolen files to other countries.

Working undercover at the University should be an unusual challenge to the characters. In a short while they might find a likely suspect; a young beautiful computer freak of the opposite sex. She (It’s probably a she since most agents are male) actually is the guilty one and unfortunately for her the millionaire has decided to eliminate her. After a few gunfights in the lecture halls and wild chases down the hallways she might be saved in the nick of time. She will gladly point the finger to her employer (not the mastermind, but a middleman). Who in turn (after more fights) will betray who the mastermind is. Neither the hacker nor the middleman have been told more than they need to know to do their job. They do not know about the major villains master plan and have not been told the British scientists are to be murdered. Actually, when the characters have come this far the scientists have begun to be murdered.

The mastermind lives in a château outside of Paris. Where he has begun to receive would be employers who are currently overbidding each others to obtain his services. The characters will doubtlessly come to the attention of some of those wholly scrupulous parties while they have the château under surveillance. There should be plenty of murder attempts and chases before the characters either break in and stop the plans or are caught and have to escape a gruesome death before they confront the major villain.

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