Deeds of Angels, The

Written by Kove

The leader of a small but rich sect is dying of AIDS. He can’t very well tell his followers that he is dying, in their eyes he is god. God can’t be dying. He has come to believe his own lies and has told his followers that the day of reckoning is at hand. It is upon them to bring Armageddon about and take upon them all the sins of mankind so that all of humanity can be cleansed of evil and come to heaven. His sect sees themselves as martyrs and saints. The leader has told his sect that they will go to hell for their deed but will be forgiven by him (god) and made into angels.

The sect plans to hijack a Chinese submarine armed with nuclear weapons. They will then launch missiles against several countries in the hopes that a nuclear war will ensue. They have set up a training camp with a live size copy of the submarines interior for exercise purposes. The submarine will be hijacked when it surfaces in secret off the Californian coast to receive a group of defecting scientists (in reality they are armed sect members).

The player characters become involved when they are sent out to investigate a suspected leak at a military science facility. The facility is working on a top secret British-American project. The leak is coming from a scientist connected to the sect who is trying to bring about the “pickup” by the Chinese. Naturally neither the sect nor the Chinese will be pleased to see British agents investigating. The player characters will be hunted down by both sides.

The characters will of course find out about the scientists connections with the sect and get themselves into deep trouble. After that they will see him contacted by a Chinese spy. By that time they will have their hands full with all the assassination attempts going on. Eventually they will find the training camp and get a few clues as to what is going on. In the end they can either stow away in some supplies and equipment that the sect is bringing along or they can break into the Hijacked sub with the help of a mini sub.

The final battle will be underwater. If the leader realizes that the game is lost, he will attempt to sink the submarine. Either by explosives or by diving too deep. The characters must stop him before they have a nuclear catastrophe off the Coast of LA.

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