OPERATION: Clean Slate

Written by Kove

An American billionaire called Mr White has devised a plan to make millions of dollars. He intends to fool the world that he is preparing to build a private colony on Mars. Any person who wishes to live in the colony will have to pay four million dollars. For this fee any colonist will receive training and a place in history as one of the first colonists on Mars.

The colony on Mars is a hoax. White has no intention on building any colony on any planet. He intends to create an “accident” at the old former air force base that is used as training grounds for the colonists. Some rocket fuel will catch fire and every colonist will die. He will then use the “accident” as an excuse to close down his colonization plans. Officially Mr White will loose a lot of money. A lot of expensive equipment will be destroyed. But in reality all the projects initiated to create the colony are fakes. Costing very little. The money received from two hundred dead colonists amount to eight hundred million dollars, while his expenses for the hoax are about fifty to one hundred million dollars.

The characters are set on the trail of what is going on by the accidental discovery by scientists at a British research station in Antarctica that the “tests” being conducted by Whites scientists at a nearby station are faked. The British scientists, among them one former MI6 operative, are all brutally murdered to keep them from talking. The characters will be sent to Antarctica to find out what happened. On the former MI6 operative they will find a note about a visit to Mr Whites nearby station. When they travel to Whites station they will find themselves in a lot of trouble…

They will find out that the tests are faked and will come across some mysterious operation named “CLEAN SLATE”. Leaving Antarctica they may visit a fund raising party being held by Mr White at his estate: A former oil drilling platform converted into a mobile palace on the north sea. Eventually the characters may expose the hoax and (in the nick of time) save the lives of all two hundred colonists…

If this adventure is played with a bit of ingenuity, the characters will think that operation clean slate is some horrible plan to wipe out all living creatures on planet Earth. Much like Drax’s plan in “Moonraker”. The twist is that it’s all a hoax. White is doing it all for money.

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