By Huntsman

The town of Grozade in the eastern part of Bosnia, close to the border with Serbia. Grozade was a muslim enclave and supposed “Safe haven”, before being overrun by Serbians, after the peace agreement was signed and a cease fire was in place. It was the scene of intense bombardment, reducing the town to rubble, and also the scene of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Set Up
The mission is to assassinate a renowned Serbian war criminal called General Kislic, known to be operating out of his compound in Grozade. He is unable to be brought to justice by the international community, and his crimes against humanity continue, even flaunting them to the UN. In a highly secret and illegal meeting, his death warrant has been signed.

General Mustufa Kislic, is the local Serbian commander, and head of the feared “Tigers” para-military. He is responsible for some of the most horrific ethnic cleansing during the Bosnian conflict. General Kislic is wanted by the UN for crimes against humanity and war crimes in connection with his involvement in the mass murders in various muslim enclaves. General Kislic is a sadist, who delights in causing pains and suffering. He is also completely mad, and believes passionately that he is right in what he is doing and also that he is untouchable. He actively flaunts that whilst he would be found guilty in an international court, that he can continue with his actions and their is nothing anyone can do to stop him. Whilst the conflict is somewhat quieter, he continues in his trade of weapons and drug selling, murder, torture, prostitution and sale of human misery. Rape, torture and murder is common place in Grozade.

The Plot Thickens
Agents can either infiltrate as black market weapons dealers, or as workers for a Non Government Organisation (NGO) that has access to the town (e.g. CARE), or even as freelance mercenaries. There is no Stabilisation Force (SFOR) soldiers in the town and posing as UN soldiers would not be good idea. However, agents could possibly use SFOR troops (SAS) to assist in entering the town or perhaps even staging a incident on the outskirts of Grozade that would assist the agents in their cover.

At the time that the agents are in town, a Russian mafia deal is going down, with a consignment of SA-11 surface to air missiles and drugs for sale. General Kislic intends to do the deal and then using mercenaries, kill the Russians as they leave, blaming it on the muslims. The mercenaries will also meet an untimely demise when they return to Grozade.

Agents will also almost certainly meet up with the “Tigers”. These militia are fuelled by slivovite and drugs, and look like a cross between a regimental get together and a heavy chapter meet of Eastern Europe’s Hells Angel’s. Wearing a mixture of uniforms, and “mad max” gear, sporting mohawk haircuts, they are armed with a mixture of weapons, from WWII era to modern eastern bloc guns and equipment. Their discipline is poor and they are violent natured, showing only contempt and hatred for outsiders.

Assassinating General Kislic will not prevent the killings, but it will send a clear message that their crimes will not go unpunished. Of course, the EEC will blame the assassination on either the muslims, the Croats, the Russian mafia or renegade mercenaries.

What Next?
The mission could be extended into a Bosnia Campaign. Other missions could include to either capture and escape with other known war criminals so that they can be charged before an international court; or infiltrate into small enclaves to rescue people who could be witnesses to the crimes; or to conduct interdiction and harassment raids on the flourishing black market trade, perhaps establishing their own and putting other agents in place.

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  1. 1996, Bosnia, two townships called Celic and Gajave; a true story and the reason I wound up staying longer in Bosnia than I was supposed to. The Serbians chased out the Muslims from Celic, but failed to take into account the willingness of those Muslims, who in-turn chased out every Serbian from Gajave. There were some skirmishes back and forth, which is when our re-deployment home was canceled and we got stuck in Kaposvar for five weeks, in case we needed to return to Tuzla in support of other Army forces who might have had to put a stop to the problems. The Serbians wanted Gajave back a couple of months later, and there was a firefight to get it back but, eventually, the Muslims were chased back to Celic. Funny story, but absolutely true.

    ~Specialist Paul Emerson, Crew Chief and Helicopter Mechanic, 2/1 Aviation Battalion, Tuzla/Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1996

  2. Mkay…clearly remembers when this was called Operation Red Sands and was published online in a pdf and powerpoint presentation,copyright infringement much?

  3. This was taken from Huntsman’s Top Secret/S.I. website (now offline) from before Operation: Red Sand was released. As I host both of these (Operation: Red Sand is here: https://www.modus-operandi.co.uk/top-secret-si/operation-red-sand/) I should know. While I agree that they have some of the same content, it’s hard to tell nearly 20 years later which came first which is why both are online.

  4. I’ve done some more research on this thanks to the Wayback Machine. And Black Ice predates the publication of Operation Red Sands by about a year.

  5. Paul Emerson says:

    Dave, are you sure it’s Grozade? Or Goražde?

    I didn’t get to see much of the place in ’96, as there wasn’t much to see.

    • Dave McAlister says:

      I’m not sure to be honest. I took the wording from Huntsman’s page without any changes.

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