Covert Action

Crimes in covert action

Your immediate task is to prevent a crime from occurring. You have been called in because the police and security agencies are convinced that something serious is going on, but not sure how to proceed. But each crime you encounter does not stand-alone. In most cases several crimes are linked together as part of a larger plot. In order for the plot to succeed, a number of crimes must be committed. If you can arrest the mastermind behind the plot while you investigate a crime, the master plot is permanently prevented from being carried out. So, while you are concentrating on preventing the crime at hand, you must keep in mind the larger picture. As you engage the team committing the crime underway, look for clues that lead to uncovering the major plot and the mastermind behind the entire plan.

A team of operatives carries out each crime. One or more organizations may be involved as well as a number of different cities. Each operative is assigned a specific role in the crime based on his rank and expertise.

Arresting the critical participants best prevents a crime. When they cannot perform their part of the crime, the conspiracy falls apart and the remaining participants go into hiding. The three main steps in preventing a crime from occurring are uncovering the crime, gathering evidence against the participants, and arresting the participants.

Suspect files: Includes any of the information if it is available: name, photograph, organization, city where located, rank, recruitment, evidence of involvement in the crime, and any messages or important meetings the person was a part of. The evidence in a crime is the “smoking gun” that reveals the suspect’s role. When the information is known the suspect can be arrested and kept in jail.

Rank: Each suspect has a rank within the organization. If you learn his rank, this may indicate how important he is to the crime because higher ranking operatives normally have more important roles in a crime. The following ranks are possible beginning with the lowest:

Special Agent
Group Leader

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