Covert Action


The suspects you encounter while investigating a crime are all members of one organization or another. These organizations are independent groups but work together when it serves their purposes. All of them have a general focus from one of three categories: international crime, terrorism, or espionage. Regardless of their focus, organizations also vary in their orientation between left-wing popular socialism and right wing military authoritarianism, the violence with which they are associated, and the notoriety they have accumulated.

In the following list is a brief description of the organizations that you may encounter.

Colombian Cartel: Based mainly around the city of Medellin, this confederation of businessmen is the largest shipper and distributor of illegal drugs into North America. Dealing mainly in cocaine derivatives, their profits have been enormous. They wield great power in Colombia and have exerted some control over other nations. The people of Colombia are now trying to fight back and some of the cartel members have been killed or jailed, but the war continues. They have shown themselves to be extremely violent.

Death Squad: In several South and Central American countries controlled by the military, right-wing death squads sprung up to put down threats to the status quo. They gained international notoriety for murders of church leaders and involvement in disappearances of students and other dissidents. Even where the military has now been restrained, these groups have often maintained a secret existence. They are now less motivated politically and work for pay of the entrenched establishment.

Dignity Battalion: Assembled from the impoverished and unemployed of Central America, these mobs serve the purpose of charismatic dictators. They provide a pool from which a cadre of promising agents can be recruited. Their active branches have carried out a number of illegal operations intended to solidify the power of their patrons, including murders of the opposition leaders. They have not yet demonstrated extreme violence, but that may come with experience.

Direct Action: A left-wing French terrorist group responsible for bombing attacks, bank robberies, and attempted assassinations. Due to their successful bank raids they are very well funded and equipped. They maintain contact with other European left-wing groups and have occasionally worked with some of them. Their operations are mainly centered in France or Western Europe and they are trying to rekindle the radical left movement of the 60’s and 70’s. They have made a number of violent attacks against courts, computer companies, and Ecole Militaire, but have not yet shown excessive brutality.

FLN (Force de Liberation Nacionale): A left wing terrorist group operating in El Salvador and other South American nations. Not satisfied with the removal from power of the region’s dictators, they want an end to big business and more socialistic government. Responsible for kidnappings and several murders, including missionaries and other church leaders. Capable of extreme violence.

Haitian Junta: Since the overthrow of the Duvaliers, a series of strongmen and military cabals have played football with the government of Haiti. While the winners in this game change from week to week, the people of this impoverished nation are the clear losers. The junta appears to have a firm grip on power, the junta has also been involved in illegal activities outside of Haiti and appear interested in the drug business.

Iraqi SP: The Iraqi secret police has been very active throughout the Middle East and Europe. Their main targets have been Iraqi dissidents and other threats to the current regime, both at home and abroad. With the capture of Kuwait and subsequent international embargo of Iraq, the secret police become ever more active in attacking both their Western and Arab enemies.

Jamaican Gang: A loose confederation of drug traffickers that found reason to pool resources and information to improve their business. They operate mainly in the Western Hemisphere transporting illegal drugs into North America and have demonstrated extreme violence when dealing with competitors or problems within their own organization. They were recently implicated in mass murder of associates in Baltimore. They are interested solely in profit and use extreme violence to strengthen their business.

Libyan Embassy: Unable to project military power in the world, the Libyan government has actively supported terrorist groups around the world. Agents attached to their embassies have been linked to a number of terrorist activities, both directly and in support roles. Examples are a night club bombing in England. They have mainly operated in the East and Europe. Interested mainly in the destruction of the wealthy Western democracies and preservation of some national pride.

M-18: Left-wing Colombian guerilla/terrorist group most notorious for their takeover of the Bogota Palace of Justice in 1985. More than 100 people were killed in the takeover and subsequent assault by the Colombian army. With the loss of so many important members in that battle the group’s activities dropped dramatically. Initially formed to bring about a more Marxist government, there have been signs recently of cooperation between them and the drug cartels of Colombia. They are thought only to operate in the Americas and are capable of extreme violence.

Mafia: The largest and best organized crime syndicate in the U.S., it arose originally from the poor Italian immigrants who came to America around the turn of the 20th Century. Mainly interested in operating their illegal businesses, they resort to violence to improve their profits and settle disputes. Active in gambling, control of unions, and extortion, the Mafia’s involvement in drugs is not as large as one would expect.

Marxists: A small but fanatic group of Arabs determined to bring the Marxists ideals to power in the Middle East. Fighting both the establishment and the fundamentalist reactionaries, they have an uphill battle. No major acts of terrorism have yet been attributed to their efforts.

Mercenaries: Disenfranchised by the fall of dictators in both the Middle East and South America, small bands of mercenaries continue to do illegal work for the highest bidder. Capable of violence or stealth as the buyer demands, they are effective only to a point. Not possessing the dedication and fanaticism of most groups, they do not take on anything approaching a suicide mission and melt away from real resistance. Most recently they are thought to have been involved in the coup on Liberia.

Muslim Jihad: Pro-Iranian Lebanese fundamentalist group that has waged a particularly violent campaign of kidnapping, bombing, and assassination against Western interests in the Middle East. They are not thought to take orders from Iran, although they sympathize with the fundamentalist government and its interests. They want to see fundamentalist religious governments in charge of all Islamic countries and destruction of the decadent Western democracies. They are thought to have been involved in the U.S Marine Corps barracks bombing and the murder of the American University President, both in Beirut.

PRC (Palestine Revolutionary Council): The Syrian government backs a splinter group of the military arm of the PFO, this “umbrella” organization of terrorist groups. Dedicated to the recovery of the nation of Palestine, they have been involved in many notorious terrorist attacks including the hijacking of an Italian cruise ship, various airliner hijackings, and bloody attacks at Rome airports.

PFO (Palestine Freedom Organization): Dedicated to the restoration of Palestine, this large body has outposts through out the Middle East and in parts of Europe. They have actively participated in a number of terrorists acts, but most of their violent activities are carried out by fanatic splinter groups.

PIRA (Provisional Irish Republican Army): A faction of the group that brought about Irish independence from Great Britain in the 1920’s, this terrorist organization is responsible for a great many bombings and assassinations across the Northern Ireland border and in Britain. They were responsible for the murder of Lord Mountbatten, the Hyde Park bombing of the Household Cavalry, and the continuing deaths of British soldiers. They operate mainly in the British Isles but have representatives throughout Europe and North America. A very violent organization dedicated to uniting all of Ireland.

Red Army Faction: Left-wing German terrorist organization founded in the late 60’s and at least partially responsible since then for many notorious kidnappings, bombings and murders, including the Entebbe airline hijacking and an attack on the U.S. airbase at Rheine-Main. Although the group’s founders and early leaders are now dead, most having committed suicide in prison, the group continues to function. They are working for a radical change in Western culture. Operating mostly in Europe, they have demonstrated extreme violence.

Red Battalion: A notorious Italian left-wing organization that has been developed contacts with most of the main European and Middle Eastern terrorist groups. They specialize in murder and kidnapping of judges, politicians, and businessmen, and at one point were planning an attack on the annual conference of Christian Democratic Party. Noted for shooting targets in the knee and the murder of ex-prime minister Aldo Moro, they are brutally violent and operate mainly in Southern Europe.

Red September: A terrorist splinter group from the PFO formed in response to the bloody eviction of Palestinians from Jordan. Thought to have been involved in several brutal terrorist acts, including the murder of Olympic athletes. Many of the identified leaders of Red September have been hunted down and assassinated by the Mossad. The Red September is one of several groups dedicated to recovering Palestine and possibly the most violent.

Revolutionary Guards: Originally a spontaneous organization born in the Iranian Revolution, the guards remain active defenders of the fundamentalist movement. They are best known for the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, but a related group tried to stage a Shi’ite fundamentalist uprising in Egypt with the assassination of President Anwar Sadat. Outside of Iran they continue a covert campaign of destabilization, attempting to spread their revolution to other predominantly Muslim nations.

Shining Way: A left-wing group from Peru hoping to install a Marxist government. Drawing their recruits mainly from college student bodies, they are not normally violent and are almost tolerated by the government. Working primarily through peaceful means so far, they nevertheless are extremely dedicated and capable of turning to more violent tactics if provided by opposition or failure.

Amazon Cartel: A second smaller drug trafficking organization based in Columbia. They act independently of their larger neighbors. But have worked out territories so there is little conflict. Like their larger brothers, they are prone to violence and have been linked to the deaths of a number of DEA agents in Mexico and elsewhere.

Stassi: The remnants of the vast espionage and terrorist network built by the communist East German government went underground with the unification of the two Germanies. Now they work for their own interests. Still dedicated to the Marxist ideal, they work for the highest bidder or to further their own survival. They continue to play by the unwritten rules of the clandestine world and are not excessively violent.

Tupamaros: Named after the Inca “Robin Hood”, Tupac Amaru, this left wing revolutionary terror group concentrates on raiding banks, businesses, arsenals, and even casinos. As their campaign failed to have a major impact, and in fact fostered a swing by Uruguay further to the right, they have become more violent and desperate. They have begun assassinating policeman and soldiers, as well as American national. A new group of similar name and ideology has recently surface in Peru.

Unione Corsique: Known as the French Connection, they are an international crime syndicate that imports illegal drug into Europe and North America from the Middle East. Originally founded by Corsican smugglers, the group is now based in Marseilles and has its fingers in a number of legitimate and illegal businesses. Violent when necessary, they much prefer to be left alone and let their business prosper.

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