Covert Action

A goal of the secret agent is to gather intelligence information, using techniques ranging from the use of gadgets, raw brainpower and skill. Today, new communications equipment and computer assistance makes the collection and distribution of data easier. On the flip side of the coin the agent must defeat new security measures and procedures, to crack tougher codes and sneak around counter intelligence. Just hazards to the modern agent that must be overcome.

The gadgets available and used today assist the agent to overcome these hazards. The equipment used range from tracking device’s, photographic equipment, listening device’s, electronic devices or equipment to help defeat alarms. Other equipment is designed to break-in, like a variety of tools for cracking safes and other secure locations. Of course good planning and know how can help an agent meet a challenge, but it is still a very dangerous one. Many operatives have lost their lives out in the field because of mistakes or leaks. The secret wars and crime People become aware of the doings of groups like criminals, political terrorists and secret agents of other nations through the news and media by reports. For example a police raid uncovers smuggled drugs, reports of terror bombings and hijackings and the news about institutions having information stolen and out in other countries. To acquire the best intelligence is usually at the source where break-in would be necessary.

Real World Commentary

Police and security agencies traditionally deal with three foes: criminals, secret agents of other nations, and political terrorists. Though each group has substantially different goals, they have several things in common. Their activities are contrary to the laws of the nations in which they operate. Regardless of the reasons for what they do, they ignore the law to reach their end. They function in secret, away from media attention except when it serves their purpose. They are capable of extreme violence and are a threat to the citizenry.

The people become aware of these groups through the news reports of terror bombings, police raids uncovering smuggled drugs, and the capture of spy rings. Each of these news stories reports a separate crime. For protection, governments empower police and security institutions to prevent these crimes and arrest the perpetrators. But often the criminals are too wily or too organized for the authorities to catch. For these crimes, if they are lucky, the country can call on Orion.

Being an agent responsible for covert action calls for a varied group of skills in addition to the physical and psychological requirements. Most skills can be learned to a point by training, and then it is up to natural talent.

Due to the recent proliferation of violence by drug traffickers and terrorists, an agent must be comfortable with weapons and be prepared to use them. The most useful weapons in the clandestine world are guns and explosives that are handy in close quarters. Agents contact the enemy at very close range where guns are the best defense and offense. Explosives and grenades, and booby traps have their uses as well especially inside enemy facilities.

An agent must also be familiar with modern electronic gadgetry, understanding not only how to operate it, but how to use it profitably. Most security and communication systems are electronic, and an agent familiar with their workings is at an advantage.

Also useful are familiarity with codes, computers, and traditional spy stuff such as lock picking, safe cracking, and tailing suspects.

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