Deniable Asset

Who were you?  It’s strange, but it’s times like these, when it matters least, that these thoughts creep in.  ‘What does matter now?’  It matters WHAT you are – an infiltrator, investigator, technician, and when the situation calls for it… a blunt instrument.  You are a weapon.  You are a tool.  You are an AGENT.


Deniable Asset is a role-playing game that allows you to experience the world of espionage with a clean slate.  Finding out who your character was, what they are going to be, and how they are going to accomplish the mission all happens during play.  The game features rules for:

Agent creation and development – Espionage Points – Trademark Items – Cinematic Chase Scenes – Missions – Items, Gadgets, and Gear – Support Teams – Transitions – Inner Party Conflict – Perks and Flaws

Included: Hiding in the Mosque, the original first mission!

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