C2020 Cyberware Conversion

Written by Cowboy (CJ Tipton)

This supplement will clarify rules concerning conversion of Cyberpunk 2020 cyberware items into their d20 System equivalents for use with the Spycraft game. Bon Appetite!

Cyberware Conversions

Use the following table to convert Cyberpunk 2020 cyberware to d20 format:
INT – Intelligence. Double the C2020 modifier.
REF – Dexterity. Double the C2020 modifier.
COOL – Will Save. Use the C2020 number, or bonus, as a modifier to the characters class based Will save.
ATTR – Charisma as it applies to physical attractiveness only. Use the C2020 bonus or penalty to modify Charisma based social skills and checks.
TECH – Intelligence as it applies to technical skills. Use the C2020 bonus to modify Intelligence based technical skills such as Electronics, Mechanics, and Computers.
MA – Movement rate. Every point of MA over 10, and every +1 to MA translate to +5ft. of base movement.
EMP – Charisma. Use twice the listed value.
LUCK – Used only on NPCs, double this number to find their effective action dice level.
BODY – The most ambiguous statistic, it sometimes represents Strength, other times Constitution, and sometimes both! Read the specific modification, double the bonus and add it to the appropriate statistics (e.g. Bob the Cyber Soldier gets a level of Grafted Muscles, which add to his Strength. Janey the Street Ronin gets Muscle & Bonelace installed and increases both her Strength and Constitution. Janey kicks the crap out of Bob).
HC or H. Loss – The amount by which your humanity is reduced by a piece of cyberware remains the same as in C2020, and is listed with each items description.
Initiative Bonuses – These are added directly as an enhancement bonus to Initiative and Reflex saves.
Skill Bonuses – Bonuses to specific skills are added directly as an enhancement bonus to the equivalent skill, check, or saving throws (e.g. Tired of getting his butt kicked, Bob gets the new Dodgeball cybereye option, which adds +1 to his Melee and Unarmed attacks after 30 seconds of observing his target. But Janey has Image Enhancement cybereyes, which give her a +2 to Spot and Search checks. Seeing Bob observing her during a dust down, Janey kicks the crap out of Bob after only 24 seconds, denying Bob both his attack bonus and the ability to eat solid food for a few weeks).
Cyberlimbs – Used to deliver an unarmed blow, a cyberlimb will increase the characters base unarmed damage by 1 place on the following table, and cyberarms can crush for +1 additional place (e.g. Janey’s new cyberarm does 1d8 because she is an M creature with the Martial Arts feat).

11d2 (S creature unarmed damage)
21d3 (M creature unarmed damage)
31d4 (L creature unarmed damage)

Cyberarmor & SP – Find the Damage Resistance or Hardness of an item by dividing the SP by 3. The items Wound points are equal to the listed SDP value (e.g. Janey’s new cyberarm has thickened myomar muscles, reinforced joints, and an armored cover. The arm has a Hardness of 7 and 30 wounds. As a side note, the thickened myomar also increases Janey?s punch damage to a whopping 2d8! Bob goes in for Subdermal Armor, giving him Damage Resistance 6/-).
Other Cyberware – ‘Ware on the market can make you ambidextrous, let you see other light spectrums, let you smell and hear outside the normal human range, and let you perform detailed scientific analysis of your environment using only internal systems. If the ability in question matches a Feat or Special Ability, then the cyberware is considered to provide a Virtual Feat or Extraordinary ability. For other abilities, approximate the effect with the help of the GM as best the two of you are able (e.g. In addition to Image Enhancement, Janey?s right eye also has Low Lite and Anti-Dazzle, giving her the Low Light Vision extraordinary ability, and immunity from the blinding effects of flash grenades and Dazzle spells. Bob has a Radar Sensor implanted in his chest, and a pair of cybereyes containing Times Square Plus, and Teleoptics. Bob gains the extraordinary ability Blind Sight/300 ft. and the ability to ignore the first and every other range increment (1st, 3rd, 5th, etc.) for Spot checks and Ranged attacks (based on the telescopic weapons sight)).
Cyberlinked Devices – All Cyberlinks provide +2 to the effective skill used to operate the device the link was designed for while the user is plugged into the device. This bonus is in addition to any bonus provided by the specialized link (Smartgun links provide an additional +2), peripherals (cyberoptic Targeting scopes add +1 to the effectiveness of a Smartgun link), or equipment modifications (Match grade weapons are +1 to hit). The cost to add a cyberlink to a piece of equipment is listed with the link type (C2020, p. 82).

Humanity Loss

For every 5 Humanity lost to cybernetics your CHA suffers a virtual loss of 1. This virtual CHA loss represents your current Empathy (EMP). Your actual CHA is not reduced. If your EMP is ever reduced to 3 or less from Cyberware, then you run the risk of going Cyberpsychotic. If this happens, make a WIL Save (DC 10 + points of EMP lost to Cyberware) at the end of each month or go Cyberpsychotic. Magical beings (such as the Sidhe) reduced to 3 or less EMP must also make a Fort Save (DC 10+ points of EMP lost to cyberware) once per day or enter a coma. If at any time your EMP is reduced to 0 or less due to Cyberware, you go Cyberpsychotic within 1 week?s time! Magical beings reduced to 0 EMP die.

Any means to improve a PC’s CHA (which also increases your EMP) is a good thing for a person with cyberware as this allows them to regain a bit of their humanity back! They don’t gain back any of the HC of the cyberware they just add a bit more on to their chances of not going cyberpsychotic! It also allows them to plug more chrome into themselves!

If the PC has any type of Charisma based magical abilities, use their EMP for the purpose of determining the PC’s casting bonus with Charisma based spells only. Sorcery and cyberware don?t mix.

Surgery Code Changes

Minor: 1d3 Temp Con Loss; Major: 1d6 Temp Con Loss; Critical: 1d10 Temp Con Loss. If the Con loss results in zero or less CON then the PC is in a coma until his CON raises to 1.

Orbital Cyberclinics

“Orbital” cyberclinics provide a higher grade of tech and surgery, providing significant reduction in the rejection threshold (and Humanity cost) of cyber ware implanted at these facilities. “Orbital” refers to the grade of the tech, not the actual location of the clinics (though some of the best are in LEO facilities).

Saying that you have “orbital” grade ware is like saying you got the deluxe model.

The cost of Orbital grade ware is increased by the maximum HC x $1000. Surgery takes a number of days equal to the maximum humanity cost of the implants. At the end of that time, no fortitude save is required to avoid rejection. Roll the humanity cost of the implants twice, subtracting the lower roll from the higher roll, and use the result as the actual humanity cost. The minimum Humanity cost is still the number of dice rolled plus any adds.

As an added benefit, Orbital grade cyberware is at +2 to Saves against electrical and water damage.

There is a six month waiting list on Orbital Clinic space, although this can be reduced by calling in favors, bribes (generally based on the price of the surgery and implants), etc.

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