The Thorium Incident

Written by Glenn Davisson

The setting for this scenario is Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Vancouver has a large, busy international port and popular tourist destination, with millions of international visitors per year. It is also less than 25 miles from the US border. This makes it a hub of intelligence gathering activity, as well as a neutral meeting ground for major political powers, but there is very little in the way of “black ops” to be found in peaceful, law-abiding Canada.

The characters are CIA field officers—spies, in the traditional sense—who are recent graduates from the CIA training facility (“The Farm”) in Langley. They all graduated with good marks, but for various reasons beyond their control, all have something of a cloud over their heads within the Agency. They have been assigned to Vancouver, despite all being rated for field work, to keep them out of trouble. They do not know if this was arranged by their enemies, to crush their careers before they even start, or by their friends, to keep them out of sight, out of mind, until the political climate in Langley changes.

Download The Thorium Incident (with accompanying maps)

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