Quick Car Chase Rules

by Chris Johnson Introduction These rules allow quick, efficient, and accurate means to incorporate car chase scenarios into gaming sessions. The rules lean more toward simplicity than technicality. They are designed specifically to be used without the need for miniatures or counters on a map, although such items can easily be used if desired. The […]

Weapons Statistics

SECURITY CLEARANCE LEVEL: For Administrators and Agents BEGIN MESSAGE TO: Administrators desiring clarification of inconsistencies between the statistics found on the Weapons Chart and statistics as generated using the optional Gun Design rules. BY AUTHORITY OF: Merle M. Rasmussen, designer, and Allen Hammack, editor. PURPOSE: Because of the bulk of correspondence we receive concerning weapon-statistic […]

Special Equipment File

by Jimmy Anderson, Chris Johnson, Brent York, and Craig York The SE File is a compendium of specialized equipment available to the agent through his or her bureau. Prices are included for agents who have not been issued the devices for mission purposes. Canes/Umbrellas Umbrella Pistol Cost: $600.00 This fully functional umbrella has a handle […]

New Avenues For Agents

by Merle Rasmussen Editor’s Introduction The information you are about to read has been obtained by this magazine with absolutely no difficulty whatsoever. It is not classified or restricted, except that you need the original TOP SECRET rules to make full use of what follows. These charts and descriptions were composed by Merle Rasmussen, who […]

How to Make and Maintain a Top Secret Campaign

by John J Terra When I originally introduced the Top Secret game to my AD&D game players, the response was less than over-whelming. Out of the fifteen people in my campaign, only four showed any interest in trying out the game. Everyone else was either unexcited about a “modern-day” role-playing game or disliked dealing with […]