New Espionage RPG: Spy – a game of action and espionage

New intelligence has surfaced of a new espionage-themed roleplaying game so we sent an agent undercover to find out more. This is their report: Players create agents who belong to a covert tactical response organization, called the Factory. The Factory was created to protect America from Threats both Foreign and Domestic. Are they officially known? […]

Bundle of Holding: Nest of Spies

Following on from July’s Millennium’s End Bundle of Holding, there is now another espionage-themed bundle. Grab it while you can! Agent! Our stealthy team of Covert Operatives has uncovered the Nest of Spies Bundle, a new collection of modern spy and espionage tabletop roleplaying games. From cat-and-mouse Le Carre intrigue in Cold War Berlin […]

Bundle of Holding

Millennium’s End is currently available as a Bundle of Holding. $7.95 gets you the Operative Collection (Millennium’s End v2.0, Blackeagle Operative’s Kit v2.0, and Ultramodern Firearms) while paying more than the threshold ($16.40 as I post this) upgrades you to the Gamemaster Collection (GMs Companion, Terror/Counterterror, Vehicle Sourcebook, Miami Sourcebook, and The Medellin Agent)! What […]