Disappearing Entries

Some of you may notice that there isn’t as much on Modus Operandi from today. A number of entries have had to be removed for reasons I cannot discuss.

I am saddened by this as Modus Operandi has always operated as a site to share old and out-of-print material as well as fan-submitted items. Although there are the odd affiliate links around the site, it has never made me much money. Certainly not enough to cover one years hosting and domain name costs never mind the 17+ years its been in existence.

I am now considering the future of the website in general.

New Espionage RPG: Spy – a game of action and espionage

New intelligence has surfaced of a new espionage-themed roleplaying game so we sent an agent undercover to find out more. This is their report:

Spy - a game of action and espionagePlayers create agents who belong to a covert tactical response organization, called the Factory. The Factory was created to protect America from Threats both Foreign and Domestic. Are they officially known? To the general public, this organization does not exist. For those in the field of intelligence they are fully aware of the Factories existence.

The Factory’s reach is global and their connections run deep. Agents are specially selected from all walks of life- Military, Criminal, and Civilian. They believe the varied backgrounds of their Agents brings unique and beneficial areas of expertise that could be of value to the organization.

Spy is a Roleplaying game that brings us back to what games used to be- easy to learn and best of all affordable. Inside this book you will find a Complete game with the following…

  • Overview of the Factory
  • Character Creation
  • Archetypes so you can jump right into playing the game
  • Combat rules
  • Equipment list
  • Driving and chase rules
  • Mission Director advice
  • Adversaries
  • Sample Mission

Our agent further reports that it can be obtained from DriveThruRPG and RPGNow for $9.99.

Bundle of Holding: Nest of Spies

Following on from July’s Millennium’s End Bundle of Holding, there is now another espionage-themed bundle. Grab it while you can! bundleofholding.com/presents/NestOfSpies

Agent! Our stealthy team of Covert Operatives has uncovered the Nest of Spies Bundle, a new collection of modern spy and espionage tabletop roleplaying games. From cat-and-mouse Le Carre intrigue in Cold War Berlin to high-tech clandestine raids to Bond-style superspy action — and even to techgnostic magicks against the God-Machine — this bargain-priced collection is your license to thrill.

For just US$9.95 you get all four complete games in our Starter Collection (retail value $52) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks:

  • Classified (Expeditious Retreat Press, retail price $12): Clean your tuxedo and ready your Walther — this retro-clone (remember Victory Games?) gives the world’s most famous British secret agent serious competition.
  • Covert Ops (DwD Studios, $10): Secrets, seduction, infiltration, and deception of every kind from classic spies to paramilitary intelligence. Includes the GM Operations Manual and The Usual Suspects, a book of ready-made NPCs.
  • Spione (Adept Press, $10): Ron Edwards (Sorcerer) designed this innovative historical game of Cold War intrigue in Berlin. Build scenes where agents keep losing friends and companions until you come in from the cold. (Previously presented in our April 2015 Indie Spring Festival.)
  • Spycraft 2.0 (Crafty Games, $20): The D20 Modern RPG of action-adventure, master villains, vile henchmen, cool gadgets, car chases, and even hacking and brainwashing.

And if you pay more than the threshold price of $20.47, you’ll rise in clearance and also get our entireBonus Collection of eight more titles (retail value $61):

  • Demon: The Descent (Onyx Path Publishing, retail price $25): Play the Unchained, fallen angels who defected to humanity and now fight a covert war against the God-Machine and its screaming biomechanical angels.
  • Classifed: Operation Rogue Lion (Expeditious Retreat Press, $7): Travel from Zanzibar to Botswana to Macau to solve a little problem involving lots of diamonds.
  • Covert Ops: Five Short Assignments (DwD Studios, $14): These five Covert Ops supplements present cyberware, new roles and responsibility, and three globe-spanning adventures.
  • Spycraft: World On Fire (Crafty Games, $15): A Spycraft 2.0 setting where Cold War spy action never ended.

OneDice Spies: Cold War

OneDice Spies - Cold WarCakebread & Walton have released an espionage version of their OneDice range of games:

OneDice Spies: Cold War is a roleplaying game set in the Cold War period – a time of espionage, double agents and propaganda – where the stakes are high and the consequences of a wrong move are global annihilation!

OneDice Spies: Cold War provides the rules and information you need so you can play as a Spy – an intelligence agent, working for one (or both!) of the Superpowers; one of the exceptional men and women who relied on their training, wits and courage to complete their missions, rather than a briefcase full of gadgets or a submersible car.

Although this game is designed to reflect the tension and danger of real world spying, several “skins” are provided that offer suggestions on how to add more unusual operatives and situations to your Cold War missions.

Whatever your nationality and ideology, it is time to burn your briefing notes, collect your fake documentation and go to work.

You can get it in print on demand and PDF from DriveThruRPG.

Bundle of Holding

Millennium’s End is currently available as a Bundle of Holding.

$7.95 gets you the Operative Collection (Millennium’s End v2.0, Blackeagle Operative’s Kit v2.0, and Ultramodern Firearms) while paying more than the threshold ($16.40 as I post this) upgrades you to the Gamemaster Collection (GMs Companion, Terror/Counterterror, Vehicle Sourcebook, Miami Sourcebook, and The Medellin Agent)!

What are you waiting for agent?

Gaming & BS Podcast

Gaming & BSYesterday (28 April), the latest Gaming & BS Podcast was posted: gamingandbs.com/033

This edition covered espionage roleplaying games and our very own Modus Operandi was given a very kind mention by co-host Sean. I don’t tend to listen to podcasts but I made a special effort in this case and am glad I did. I’m with Brett though, I much prefer my espionage without any supernatural elements (although I played an excellent game of Night’s Black Agents set in 1960s Prague at Seven Hills a couple of weeks ago). My advice to Brett is to take a look at either Classified (a James Bond 007 RPG retro-clone) or Covert Ops.

Thanks again for the mention guys.

Plot Hook Articles

One of my plans for 2015 is to put together a monthly series of plot hook articles covering the 20th Century. Each month will bring with it a plot hook for one of the decades of the 20th Century. Some may just be a few short sentences, others more fleshed out but it is my intention to post something each month. I am aiming to post each one of the 14th of each month – a deadline is always an aid to completion I’ve found.

I hope that you will join me with this and, perhaps, it will inspire you to contribute something yourself – I am always open to receiving contributions no matter how big or small.