Travelling in Style

By DdB Stylish European Vehicles for Operatives … and the Opposition Whereas the 1980s and 1990s were about cars that were ‘small and convenient about town’, the late nineties and early 21st century is mostly about big, comfortable cars. However, alongside this, there is a growth in the smaller, sporty two-seater roadster. Three types of […]

Valderon Alternative, The

Written by DdB Page Count: 27 This scenario is intended for a cell of between two and four characters that have a particular speciality in: Conducting surveillance operations; Technical proficiency with surveillance equipment; Covert intrusion skills; While not essential, it is useful if there is at least one reasonably fluent Polish speaker. The scenario is […]

Holiday in Cambodia

Adventure Design by Arthur Crawford and Hal Mangold, Written by Hal Mangold, ©1997, and originally published by Chameleon Eclectic Page Count: 10 Mission Length: A single session, around four hours Cell Experience Level: Rookie – Veteran II For three decades, Cambodia has been ravaged by civil war and internal strife. Now the beleaguered country is […]

Terror on the Constantinople

Written by Charles Ryan, ©1998, and originally published initially by Chameleon Eclectic Page Count: 16 Mission Length: One session, though potential for assignment extension exists Cell Experience Level: Operative and higher, though a Rookie in the mix may not be a bad thing A Baltic Sea ferry has been hijacked between Saint Petersburg (Russia) and […]