Travelling in Style

By DdB

Stylish European Vehicles for Operatives … and the Opposition

Whereas the 1980s and 1990s were about cars that were ‘small and convenient about town’, the late nineties and early 21st century is mostly about big, comfortable cars. However, alongside this, there is a growth in the smaller, sporty two-seater roadster.

Three types of car are currently in vogue, all which are extremely useful to BlackEagle cells, for varying reasons. They are the Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), Multiple Passenger Vehicle (MPV) and the Roadster.

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Cash In-Transit Systems

By DdB

A look at modern secure transit systems

Cash in-transit (CIT) systems are an interesting feature of modern business. As such, they provide the scope for playing a part with modern role-playing scenarios. And that’s not just in recreating the armoured car heist from Heat.

The idea for this article originates from a few notes on the Millennium’s End Mailing List back in l January 2002 regarding the operation of cash in-transit systems. With a bit of fleshing out, here are a few more ideas.

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Under Lock and Key

By DdB

Security measures and systems in Millennium’s End

In this world there are those that have, and those that have not. And those that have spend a lot of time and money making sure they keep what they have from those that have not.

There are a million and one ways to protect what is yours from those who should not have access to it. Some require vast financial resources to install and maintain; others do not. This article builds upon the basic information given in the BlackEagle Tactics and Investigations Handbook (pages 40 to 44), taking a look at the common types of system and measures that operatives might either encounter or consider installing and the strengths and weaknesses of those systems.

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Valderon Alternative, The

Written by DdB
Page Count: 27
This scenario is intended for a cell of between two and four characters that have a particular speciality in:

  • Conducting surveillance operations;
  • Technical proficiency with surveillance equipment;
  • Covert intrusion skills;
  • While not essential, it is useful if there is at least one reasonably fluent Polish speaker.

The scenario is intended as the first of two parts, set several months apart. The two parts are intended to be woven in as part of a campaign with other (unrelated) episodes and scenarios in between these two parts. However, either part may also be run as a scenario in its own right or with different groups of characters.

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Holiday in Cambodia

Adventure Design by Arthur Crawford and Hal Mangold, Written by Hal Mangold, ©1997, and originally published by Chameleon Eclectic
Page Count: 10
Mission Length: A single session, around four hours
Cell Experience Level: Rookie – Veteran II

For three decades, Cambodia has been ravaged by civil war and internal strife. Now the beleaguered country is struggling to rebuild – and BlackEagle is part of the effort. But when one cell’s quiet security stint is interrupted by violence, can the operatives get themselves – and their wards – out of harm’s way?

This is another of the missions from Chameleon Eclectic’s Worldwide Web Game Archives, written more as a one-shot for conventions and other time-limited events, though it could be extended to become a broader mission, as well. Player groups looking for a tough tactical scenario might enjoy this one. Mr. Crawford and Mr. Mangold have done an excellent job providing recent history concerning BlackEagle’s efforts in Cambodia, especially regarding the legendary Khmer Rouge, and a general layout of the Kaoh Nek river valley, including Player and GM maps. Though all but the most important NPCs are pulled from the GM’s Companion or the ME v2.0 Rulebook, statistics for special thugs or individuals are not required.

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Country Dacza

Written by Dom de Bechi, ©2002, and originally published by Mission Priorities
Page Count: 16
Mission Length: Minimum of two sessions, with moderate room for lengthening
Cell Experience Level: Operative-plus

What appears initially to be the theft of data from a remote location in Poland, leads to the operatives becoming embroiled in a little more than they bargained for…

As with all of Dom’s missions, Dacza is extremely well-written and, from the beginning, breathes the atmosphere of what Charles Ryan’s Millennium’s End should always have been about. Moving through setup in Poland, an investigation phase, and logically into and through the Dacza, itself, while leaving much of the execution of the action up to the player group, this mission lends itself to the world of the game seamlessly. This mission includes the requirements for being able to get to and steal the data, including all rolls for the architecture of the data store within, and the opposition and complications stemming from the mission objectives. Timelines, relevant –if short– statistics for moderately important NPCs, and good descriptions of non-important, though relevant, NPCs, and a map of the Old Town of Krakow exist to aid everyone at the table in deep involvement in the game.

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Circle of Twelve

Idea by The Alchemist, hacked by Crowley
Page Count: 3
Mission Length: Not really a mission as much as a location for a mission
Cell Experience Level: Any

This document outlines an organization known as the Circle, and the home island they reside on, and is more of a location than an actual adventure. A sinister-minded GM would expand on this to make a get-out-alive scenario.

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Krav Maga

Krav Maga
Krav Maga lesson in paratrooper school in Israel, 1955

By Paul Emerson

This fighting style was born of the history, particularly from World War II, of Israel and is, perhaps, the ultimate martial art in the world, except to call it a martial art is like calling a street fight a dance. Krav Maga literally means close combat, and that is precisely what it is, whether using open-hand fighting, knife, sword, pistol, rifle, or anything else you can get into your hands to aid in the fight. This is not a clean style of fighting, it is not only a means of self-defense, but also a literal killing art at higher levels, and it takes from many other martial arts, such as Karate, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, and Muay Thai, as well as introducing more than a few techniques that are absolutely original and sole to this style. Through continuous movement, striking, defending, and the ability and willingness to do what it takes to continue living while your enemy dies, this style is merciless, and distinguishes itself readily from all other martial arts and/or fighting styles.

However, its greatest strength and, perhaps, its greatest weakness comes in the fact this style is just flat dirty; if you have any problem with a desire to remain honorable in combat, are not necessarily willing to look at a truly serious argument of “me or them”, or have trouble allowing your instincts to take over, then this is not the fighting style for you.

Following are the stats I’ve been able to develop for my version of Millennium’s End, known as Shadow Games, from the VERY brief exposure to Krav Maga, and through research I’ve performed. These are not going to be complete, and may seem very limited, but it is necessary to keep this limited to fit within the game mechanics. Since Krav Maga borrows from so many other styles, it really does not have a style all its own, unless killing your enemy and defending your own life is considered to be that style. Therefore, the more important parts of this style are in the techniques rather than the skills.

KRAV MAGA (the closest art to this is Karate)
Total Cost: 205
Package Cost: 175
20   Armed Hand-to-Hand
  10 Block/Parry
  10 Thrust
40   Kata
  20 Krav Maga
30   Unarmed Hand-to-Hand
  15 Block
  10 Combat Throw
  10 Grapple
  5 Kick
  15 Punch

Techniques: Combination Maneuvers, Pain Hold, Break Hold, Disarm, and Bursting (see below).

Bursting (yes, this is the maneuver’s actual name): This technique is specific to Krav Maga, as it uses the combination of a powerful thrust from the legs, blocking an attack and striking that attacker at the same time. Though it could be considered very similar to a Combination Maneuver, it is different in that the Combination Maneuver first allows for a defensive move followed immediately by a full attack, rather than an attack used as a defense, and followed by an actual attack, with the added benefit of pushing away the attacker in a further attempt to unbalance them.

For an attacker to defend against this attack, they may use Unarmed/Dodge or Grapple from the skills category, or Negate Defense as a Technique. The damage done by a hit from Krav Maga Bursting is roughly one-half normal, though using Unarmed/Combat Roll counts for the character’s defense and simultaneous attack. The normal means of determining the Delivered Damage from a hand-to-hand hit is the character’s Damage Rating, each point being 1d10+1, the rolled amount divided by ten and rounded out for DD (Delivered Damage) and, if a melee weapon is involved, multiplied by the Damage Factor (DF) of the weapon; for the initial attack/defense, the DF outcome number is halved. Bursting does damage, as well, equal to one-half, rounded down, of your character’s Damage Rating, with 1d10+1 added, as with the Increase Damage Technique, for every full ten points by which you succeed at your Kata/Krav Maga roll; any Damage Factor from weapons is ignored for this part of the damage.

As this is a new martial art in our game, it is subject to modification, so you might want to look in on this fairly often.

Watchers in the Woods

Written by Roger Stenning for ME v2.0, ©1998, and published initially by the Impossible Scenarios Group
Page Count: 34
Mission Length: Four plus sessions
Cell Experience Level: Rookie – Veteran

It was supposed to be a simple job. Set up and maintain a Covert Observation Post. But, deep in the Colombian tropical rain forest, the word “simple”…

Does not exist…

Well-built with an appropriate flow to the clues and actions of the mission, and logical movement between sections of the adventure, though no Clue Tree exists. Room for expansion remains for the ambitious GameMaster, though none is required, and all probable requirements are found within.

Download Watchers in the Woods

Terror on the Constantinople

Written by Charles Ryan, ©1998, and originally published initially by Chameleon Eclectic
Page Count: 16
Mission Length: One session, though potential for assignment extension exists
Cell Experience Level: Operative and higher, though a Rookie in the mix may not be a bad thing

A Baltic Sea ferry has been hijacked between Saint Petersburg (Russia) and Copenhagen, and a BlackEagle cell has been called in to retrieve sensitive information before the hijackers can get to it. If the operatives succeed, they’ll have to worry about the repercussions of their actions – thwarting a group of terrorists isn’t exactly the best way to keep hostages alive…

This is one of the missions from Chameleon Eclectic’s Worldwide Web Game Archives and, as expected, the mission is complete, proceeds logically, and though it is designed as a one-shot mission, very careful players, especially those who like to plan, could make this mission last through several sessions.

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