Adventure Writing: Nonplayer Characters

By Dru Pagliassotti “What does the bartender look like?” Good question. And there you are, scouring your mind for a few cliches. “Uh, he’s human, kinda balding, and overweight, and he’s got an apron on, and, um….” Oh, come on. You can do better than that! Why doesn’t he look like Bogart’s Rick in Casablanca? […]

1950s – Reds Under the Beds

Background The early 1950s were an alleged hotbed of Communist activity in both the US and UK. Senator McCarthy lead such a fervent attack against Communists within the US State Department (and further afield) that the term McCarthyism was coined. In the UK, the allegations where, in hindsight, more substantial with the Cambridge Five being, […]

1940s – Kidnap a German General

Background As was the case during World War I, “spy mania” gripped the people of Britain during World War II. However, the numbers of German spies entering the country were small (fewer than 25 between September and November 1940) and most of those were poorly trained. Further, following the establishment of the Double Cross System, […]

1920s – Assassination Attempt on Lenin

Background With the end of the Great War and Germany, ostensibly, stopped from rebuilding their military forces, British and French eyes turned towards the emerging Soviet Union following newspaper reports of the kidnap or murder of exiled White Russians from the streets of Paris and Switzerland after the Russian Civil War. Fearing the threat that […]