Author: Dave McAlister


The Spy Game Digital Release

Last year I posted about a new espionage RPG being Kickstarted that was using the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition SRD as its base: The Spy Game. The physical release has been delayed a...

Modus Operandi 5

Happy birthday!

It’s hard to believe but Modus Operandi celebrated its 20th birthday this week (May 16). I started this website just as the internet was hitting the mainstream. Back then, there were loads of free...

Classified 0

Agent Dossier

by DbB An Agent Dossier for Classified as a Microsoft Excel template. Download Classified Agent Dossier

Top Secret: New World Order 1

Top Secret: New World Order

I’ve received some emails asking why I’m not covering the Top Secret: New World Order Kickstarter campaign. I have contacted TSR Games in a bid to get some press material so that I can...

Modus Operandi 11

Disappearing Entries

Some of you may notice that there isn’t as much on Modus Operandi from today. A number of entries have had to be removed for reasons I cannot discuss. I am saddened by this...

Modus Operandi 0

Cracking Cell Phones

Written by Glenn Davisson Generic rules for incorporating the cracking of cell phones into your missions. Note: This was originally written for Covert Ops. It has been genericized to work with any percentage based...