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Happy birthday!

It’s hard to believe but Modus Operandi celebrated its 20th birthday this week (May 16). I started this website just as the internet was hitting the mainstream. Back then, there were loads of free...

Classified 0

Agent Dossier

by DbB An Agent Dossier for Classified as a Microsoft Excel template. Download Classified Agent Dossier

Top Secret: New World Order 1

Top Secret: New World Order

I’ve received some emails asking why I’m not covering the Top Secret: New World Order Kickstarter campaign. I have contacted TSR Games in a bid to get some press material so that I can...

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Disappearing Entries

Some of you may notice that there isn’t as much on Modus Operandi from today. A number of entries have had to be removed for reasons I cannot discuss. I am saddened by this...

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Cracking Cell Phones

Written by Glenn Davisson Generic rules for incorporating the cracking of cell phones into your missions. Note: This was originally written for Covert Ops. It has been genericized to work with any percentage based...

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The Making of a Spy

Written by Glenn Davisson Joining the CIA The typical recruit for the CIA’s Clandestine Service must be between 26 and 36 years old (though some exceptions are allowed, especially if they bring useful real...

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Diplomatic Immunity

Written by Glenn Davisson If you’re looking for a real life-ish way to keep your favorite villain out of prison, give them diplomatic immunity. This is a very brief (and over-simplified) summary of the...